Thursday, June 30, 2011


Workout 3.1 27:10

Well I had to walk on my run today. I got a late start then I wanted and I just couldn't get in my groove. I woke up last night with a huge hot flash but also tingly. Ever had that happen? it felt like I was being poked by needles all over? I eventually feel back asleep but when I woke up..yea around 9am My legs were so numb. But I got up and gave it a shot anyways. About a mile into the run my hands and face were tingly too.

Of course I picked the route by my house so I hit hill 5-9 of my bike route. By hill the 3rd hill I had to walk. It was driving me crazy. I had to try to relax before I could push any further. I finally made it home but didn't run up the driveway like I usually do. So instead of the 3.3miles I only ran 3.1.

I quickly drank a Gatorade Recovery Protein drink and started to feel better. But IDK I haven't had much to eat all day. Just feel in a funk. Hopefully I can stretch out tonight and maybe drain some lactic acid from my legs before bed.

QOTD: Ever had weird feelings in your legs on runs? Has it ever affected you during the night too? Could it be restless legs or related to the recent shin pain?

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Kittee said...

Im sorry your run was cruddy...

I have never felt like needles are poking me but i have had hot flashes and those stink... Sounds like your hormones are a little out of wack