Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marathon Training week 5!

WhooHoo almost there 49days to go!

This week I up'd the mileage a bit. I ran with Heather for 2 long runs and enjoyed having someone to run with.

July 25th -3miles
July 26th- XT
July 27th 4miles
July 28th-rest
July 29th- 4miles
July 30th- 15miles

Tuesday- rest
Friday rest
Saturday 15.5miles

Due to the 9miles on Monday that was lots of hills I chose not to do the 4mile runs and take two rest days this week. My next long run backs down to 10miles so I might try to join the family on their run this time! i feel real good about my training so far. Heather and I talked a lot about our pace as we ran Saturday. I did notice quickly that when I took the energy gels I got a spurt of energy. We talked about having to hold back and not use it all up right away. This is why I love running with others. They help me notice things like my form (arms and legs), hydration and why to take a gel.

I was also able to hold a good pace for most of my long run. I am REALLY hoping for cooler weather for the marathon because my pace is a heck of a lot better on my long runs at 6am than my shorter runs at 3pm.

Looking forward to week 6 and hoping I do get my behind up early to do my 3-4mile runs.

Make sure you check out the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Marathon link on the right! It is a great way to add miles to your week!

QOTD: Still shopping for a new garmin...which do you use? I have the 201 so I really need to update!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long run with family

15.5miles 2:11mins with Dud, and joined by Hey Hey, Manda and Robyn!

Today I set out at 5:30am to get my long run done. Dud met me at Walmart and we got right on the bike path. At mile 3.4 Manda and Robyn joined us and they planned on doing 9miles. As we continued to run Hey Hey came running towards us. She joined us and planned to do 10miles.

I was still thinking about yesterday's post about fueling. We had dinner out and Dud and Momma's and had a very yummy garden patch pie. BUT.....i did not have my morning potty visit before we started. Thanks goodness for the one and only potty stop at mile 3.4!!! I really don't think I would have made it the rest of the run without that stop.

I was feeling great and not going too nuts about water stops like last weekend. At mile 7.5 i took two Power Bar energy blast gels. I quickly felt the caffeine hit my legs. We got through the next 3 miles so quickly I was like "is that the bridge already??". At 10.5 I took one last gel to get me through the last 5miles. Mister met us at mile 7.5, 10.5, and 12mile markers with water, gatorade, powerade, and swedishfish. It was nice not carrying water with me because we had it everywhere! We also had it at all of our cars so at 3.4/12.5miles, 4/10miles and at the finish. I am very greatful for everyone joining me today on the run. It really helps get through a long run much faster! I did not feel like it dragged on at any point and my pace was faster than expected!

I used this run to participate in the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Half Marathon. See link on the right! I did my 13.1 in 1:52.15 which actually is faster than the 13miles I did with a 5k race as part of it! I am happy to take part in another virtual race and glad to see one that is longer!! Go check out this race you have until August 15th to participate. You also do not have to do all the miles at once!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pre long run feul

Happy Fitness Friday Bog Hop! Welcome any new readers.

Today is going to be an easy relaxing day for me. I have been at school everyday this week and being that it is summer...I really would like a day without seeing a classroom.

So I have 15miles on the schedule tomorrow and I want to feel good and strong for it. I know I can get through the miles I just want to do it without dying out. Last week I freaked out on my 14miler because I ran out of water with no where to stop. So I got a plan this week for the run. Dud will be joining me (though he does not need to do 15miles for his half marathon training!!) for the full 15miles. Manda will meet up 4-5miles into the run. So I will make sure that there is water at that car. Which we will be seeing again at mile 10. Then Hey Hey and Robyn will be joining us around mile 5-6. So we can have water/Gatorade at their car for mile 8-9 too!

Yea it is going to be a nice flat loop all on bike path. I am really getting myself ready for running on a small path versus road.

Now for what to eat and drink today. It isn't too hot so I don't think I need to over drink today. But I will have my water with me at all times. I also get a little goofy and not allow myself to drink sodas the day prior to a long run or race. Anyone else?

Now I am already not doing good with the eating. It is almost 10am and I haven't eaten breakfast. Bri is even still asleep!! Maybe pancakes?? Do you eat more carbs the day before or do you try to balance it out with protein and carbs and fiber?

Let me know what you think about fueling for long runs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's talk socks...

Workout 3.2 26:40 with hills around the cabin at 5pm post rain

Ok so prior to my little run this evening I was out in the blogosphere and read about someone using smartwool socks to help prevent blisters. Ok so....I have been running since I was in 9th 1996. I have never bought special socks ever. The socks I wear are from the dollar general for goodness sake!

Do the smartwool socks help? Do you wear them in the summer heat too? I have had some pretty nasty blisters these past few long runs and I was just wondering if it was because I wear cheap socks or my shoes were dying on me.

I am hoping to figure this all out before I get to my 18miler in a few weeks. If you share let me know where you get them. Do you go running store or purchase online. I am so pro amazon shopping! I even have their credit card!

Also....Garmin shopping. I have the 201 and would like to update soon. Which do you use. Does anyone have the 405 with the new touch screen? How sweaty is too sweaty to use it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Run Naked

Morning run, yea right! The alarm went off at 6am (after I had already gotten up to feed the hungry kitten) and I turned it off and tried to fall back to sleep. The last few nights I must have been clamping my jaw as a I sleep. I have woken up with terrible headaches and a soreness below my ears. Ugh....I ended up sleeping until 10am!

I was really hoping that is did get as cool as it was predicted to last night because I still wanted to get a run in this AM. So I rolled right out of bed put shoes on and walked out the door. I chose to run naked garmin, no music, and I also didn't put a headband or hat on but that was because I forgot.

As I got going I realized how tired and heavy my legs were. So I planned to run 15mins then turn around. It was lots of hills again so it was a rough start. I believe I hit the 1.55 mark by 15mins. I turned around and wanted to go back faster than I came out. Goal achieved...I made it back in 13:30. So I am pretty sure I got atleast 3.1 in today but as I said I ran NAKED! But my legs felt much better by the time I finished.

Now I am waiting patiently to take a shower because Brian is still sleeping.

QOTD: Ever run naked? time without worrying about your pace or the music in your ears?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After 3 days of growling and hissing. Then a week plus of chasing and making Ziva cry from getting beat up we have finally reached this....

Playing in the boxes together..and yes Kub is way too big to fit in there now!

this happened today..Ziva just learned to go down the stairs to Kub's food and instead of getting mad at Ziva Kub joined her! (thing is I had just filled Ziva's dish upstairs with yummy soft food but she snubbed her nose at it and took off to Kub's dish!)

They were so cute trying to both squeeze in there. Kub finally started scooping food out with her paw because her head was too big!

Yea I know...they are cats but they are my fur babies! Since we got Ziva two weeks ago I have felt like I have been babysitting all day long. I can't leave them alone together because Kub does want to play but ends up being too hard sometimes. Ziva also just figured out how to get on the bed yesterday so I was woken up by a tiny paw at 6:30am. Usually it is a 20pound kub on my head but I have locked her out at night since I can't watch them when I sleep! Hopefully this will get better in a few months as Ziva gets bigger (more than a pound) and can stand up for herself.

On that note, Ziva got her first shot yesterday. As soon as I walked into the Vet office she started having a tiny kitten panic attack. She was pushing her face and paws against the door of the carrier so hard I was worried she was going to hurt herself. I swear she knew exactly where we were. I had taken her there 2 weeks ago when we first got her and they gave her a dewormer since we got her from a farm. I think it traumatized her. Not good since we have at least 3 more visits. Shots, fixed and declawed still to come. Hoping for the best!

QOTD: Do you treat your cats/dogs like a child? Do they know they are heading to the vet?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marathon Training week 4 and Potter

This week ended up being lighter than I planned but my legs needed the rest. The heat also played a huge role and if I didn't feel completely hydrated I didn't push it.


Monday 3miles
Tuesday XT bike
Wednesday 3miles
Thursday rest
Friday 3miles
Saturday 14miles


Monday 3miles
Tuesday rest (VERY HOT)
Wednesday 6miles
Thursday rest
Friday 12miles
Saturday rest
Sunday....might still jump on the treadmill

Even though what I actually did looks completely different then the plan I am happy with the miles I got done. This week I am going to do a few more longer runs during the week and then a 15miler on the bike path on Saturday. Hoping maybe I can plan it out that some of the family can join me for bits of it. Tomorrow I hope to be on the road by 5:30ish to get in 6-7miles. I really don't want to be too hot like Friday.

Finally saw Harry Potter last night and it was...."SWEEEEEET"!! Is it sad that I knew certain sad things were going to happen because I read the books but I still got teared up??!!! LOL yea I giggled at myself but it was so well done! I am so willing to go back and watch it again and again! I also will be watching Amazon in a month or two to watch for the pre-order of it on DVD!!

I am addicted!!!

Now the count down to the next Twilight movie in November begins!

QOTD: Did you see Potter? Read the books prior or just watch the movies?

I am a reading teacher so yea....I read all the books 5 times each at least! I have reread them right before the movie has came out too. I also have had a harry potter marathon with the movies before the next movie came out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Short post

I have been busy these past few days and it all has flown by! I drove home to Rochester for a 24hour trip. I ran along the Erie canal path for 12miles to practice the marathon course. I now know that 6miles of the path is stone path. I will be practicing a little more of that over the next 57 days!

I then turned right around and headed bak to PA for a picnic with Great Aunt Evie. I love that lady. I will have to get the pics from Bri but she got herself on a swing at the age of 85 ( I think). So funny!

Now I am off to join Manda and the girls while they try on their bridesmaid dress for Manda and Misters wedding!

Then I get the rest of the day to relax while Bri is out and about with his dad first then Ben.

Still NEED to see HARRY POTTER!! Hopefully we can go tonight!

Go check out the Sport Girl Jewelry Giveaway at Blonde Ponytail

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wrap up

Workout 6miles 54:35 7am and HOT!

This morning Hey Hey, Robyn, Dud and little Ella Beans met at the Riverwalk to get in a run. I thought it would work best to push the stroller on. We each took mile then traded off the stroller. It went really well! The last mile Heather and I practiced kicking it in. We went from 8:30ish pace down to sub7min pace. I had a really hard time doing the final kick to the sign. I was beat! I am learning when I can drink Gatorade in a long run.

Afterwards we took Ella to the local fair. Here are some great stinky hot photos from the day.


Weird spotted goats
You had to ride a horse if you weren't holding a kid!
I was holding Ella so no horse ride for me!
This is mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and PB cup ice cream face!

Great day!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tid Bits

Some random tid bits for today.....

1. I ate this for dessert today.....SSHH don't tell Bri!

Yes there is another one in my hand..didn't hide it well.

2. I had IBMT from Subway today! I always get it toasted but the toaster was broken...BUMMER!Also....they have spinach now!!! L.O.V.I.N.G. it!!!!

3. I am going to do Zumba for Wii as soon as I finish this post! It was 90 something out today so I chose not to bike at 4pm!
I beat this thing EVERY time!!!

4. Before I can go to bed "Grease Lightning" aka Ziva has to run around like a nut on my bed!
She earned the nickname Grease Lightning because I can put her down turn around and she is gone! Kubbi earned the name Thunder Beast because one I can hear her running across the house after Ziva and two the is huge compared to Ziva!

What are random things about you? I love crazy animal stories!!

Anything new things with places you eat at? I really really want to try fro-yo!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marathon Training week 2 and 3

Planned Marathon Training Week 2
July 4th- 3miles
July 5th- XT
July 6th- 4miles
July 7th- rest
July 8th 2-3miles easy
July 9th- 5mile trail race + 7miles
July 10th- rest

July 4th- rest
July 5th- 3miles
July 6th- rest
July 7th- 5miles
July 8th-rest
July 9th- 5mile trail race
July 10th- rest
Total Running miles- 13

The Second week of training ended up looking a lot different than my plan. I did not cross train on Tuesday because I had to drive to work. So I ran 3miles instead later in the day. Thursday run with the the family and the goal was 4 but we did just over 5miles. The trail run was much harder than expected so I took a break from the additional miles I wanted to get in. I also did not run it on Sunday because we got our Kitten that Saturday so I spent the day tending to her!

Planned Marathon Training Week 3
July 11th- 3miles
July 12th- XT
July 13th- 4miles
July 14th- rest
July 15th- 3miles
July 16th- race or rest
July 17th- 9miles

July 11th- 9miles
July 12th- 14miles biking
July 13th- 3miles
July 14th-rest
July 15th- 3miles easy
July 16th- 10mile + 5k race
Total running miles- 28miles Biking miles 14

This week ended up being a lot more miles than expected. I tried to do my long run from the week before on Monday and only got 9miles instead of 13. So I did the 13miles on Saturday when I was supposed to do a race and 9miles. I still have a sore throat and a nasty cough. I can run with it but I start coughing annoyingly when I stop running. I will be taking this week again to rest and do more shorter runs. I would like to get a long run in on Saturday on the Canal Path that the Marathon is on. That will be based on whether this cough settles down or not.

I feel like I am on track and have been right on race pace for my long runs! No more racing until the Half Marathon in August! Time to focus on my training and longer runs! Hoping to get more done with the family!

QOTD: Are you in the midst of a training plan? Do you stick right to it or do you let it be flexible?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long run race recap

Yup thats right it is all in one....I ran 10miles to the race start line. Then gave myself a good 45min break and ran the 5k race! I did not plan on any PR's just was trying to total 13miles today.

The long run went by uneventfully. It was 6:30 am nice and quiet and cool outside. Only saw 3 deer and a few bunnies. Maybe a handful of cars until I got closer to town. I was happy when I saw I finished the 10miles in an hour and 28minutes....right on marathon pace!

I then sipped water and a little crystal light prior to the start of the race. (regret this later)

I planned on staying back and not pushing it during the race. Hey Hey came with a clear cut plan....beat 22:30!! WOW is what I said! I haven't gotten in 22's all summer! But I was excited to see her do it!!

So off we went and not even .25 in I turned to Manda and told her...hmm my legs feel heavy today LOL! Gee maybe it was that 10miles!

About a mile in at 8:30 Dud went flying by with Ella in the stroller....hmm I thought....I could stay with him I think. So I took off after him.

Mile 2....passed Dud....quick check down and could see Hey Hey flying in the front pack!! AWESOME!! So..I saw Robyn up ahead still so I thought...hmm maybe I could catch Robyn.

Well that one did not happen. She had some girl around her and she was pushing it hard to beat them. I remember seeing her round the last corner and pass a girl and I mentally said Yea Robyn!

Meanwhile...I was stuck behind this REALLY stinky guy....ever expereinced that? A guy who just reeks when he sweats? So with half a mile to go I pushed like no other....I round the last corner and took off!

And the award goes to.....ME....for puking up that crystal light in the bushes after i crossed the finish line! Told you I would regret it!

But somehow...even after running majority of my long run prior to the race....I got 2nd in my age group!

The family did awesome as well. Hey Hey got 22:10~ She smashed her goal and felt great doing it!

Robyn got 1st in our age group and Manda got third!

Ella even ran her first race today at 20months old and got third in her age group!!

ME, Manda, Hey Hey, and Robyn!
All sporting our Active Bands today!

Long Run for the week....check! Greasy Pizza for lunch.....check! Errands.....check! Nap....check!

HARRY POTTER!! not yet!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fitness Friday!!

Workout 3miles with Manda at 5:45am in 26:36. I had a very rough start to the run. Yesterday my throat started getting all scratchy and that metal taste in my mouth. I took NyQuil last night so I could sleep. I kept having weird dreams about my alarm until the alarm finally went off. When I woke up my throat was completely swollen....enter Man Voice! But Manda was waiting and I took a rest day yesterday. So I got up and with in 5mins I was out the door and headed toward her place. Thankfully I said last night that I just wanted to do something easy because I am going to try my 13miles that failed on Monday and to do it tomorrow. We also have a 5k race in the morning.

My Garmin (stupid old thing) was so far off today I was M.A.D.!!

Dear those who love me.....hint bday is soon!!!

Anywhoodle....Manda and I talked the whole time about Wedding stuff for her and before we knew it we were back to the townhouse.

It didn't last long though...I got home and curled up on the eyes did not open back up until 10 am!!! I think NyQuil was still working it's wonders....but I didn't feel too bad because Bri was still sleeping too!!!

So those visiting from Fitness Friday....common do they effect your workout routine? Do you power through it and try to sweat it out of you? Do you see a big pace difference?

Manda noticed my form changing as we ran and I was feeling my lungs getting tight as we ran further.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Workout 3.3miles on the hills by the cabin a 4pm....yea crazy huh? It was around 80 something out but nice cloud cover so where there wasn't shade there was a chance the clouds were blocking the sun.
I have been tagged again and I love it! More chance to tell you more about me!!

1. I live in the woods in a beautiful log cabin!
2. I went to D.C. for the FIRST time ever last year with my mom! BUt....I was bound and determined to find everything NCIS!! I LOVE that show! 3. I....yup actually have 6 cats! Two at the cabin, two at Bri's parents, and 2 at my parent's house!!

Cooper and EmmyStormy and Lily

Ziva (Yup as in the one on NCIS!!)
4. I am obsessed with young adult books about demons, vampires, werewolves, wizards! (Gee think I connect with my job as a Reading Teacher?)

5. I could eat an entire bag of marshmallows in one sitting! ( A secret of mine for years!!)

6. For some reason I like to watch Golf. Couldn't tell you much about it but I like watching it.

7. I love anything everything Irish! Our house is a mixture of cabin like decorations and shamrocks!

Ok Ladies! Have fun it is your turn......

If I can't Convince you EMZ!!
Run On! Stephanie!
Running with Sass Heather!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Challenged Myself with a big a$$.....

HILL!! So after yesterdays bust of a long run I decided to hit up the hills on my 14mile bike ride today. On my way home I took the route that takes me up one long long hill. I made it up and finished the 14miles in an hour and fifteen minutes! I am happy with that and I am already feeling my muscles!

I recovered with an awesome dinner......spinach with cottage cheese and strawberries.

Then for snack.....Yummy Yummmy Yummmmmmmy! Vanessa@ Gourmet Runner got me thinking about treats so I caved!

Ok GRR I am trying to create an elevation map of what i did but just can't seem to figure it out. I am the worst at using technology! Does anyone know how to make one and put it into your blog?

I will leave you with Ziva and Big sister Kubbi!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Call it stupidity!

Well after my race on Saturday I noticed my body wasn't right. I was drinking throughout the day, Gatorade Recovery and water, but I never got hungry. I just kept going without thinking yea I should eat anyways. Around 8:30 Saturday night I finally ate half a cheese steak sandwich...but too late all ready hit migraine mode! I took some drugs and headed to bed.

Sunday I never got hungry either. I had an apple and that took me all the way till dinner when I had a hamburger. Yea I was good with that until I hit the pavement this morning. Lets just mile 4 my stomach was cussing at me! (I also ate NOTHING before I headed out to do 13miles STUPID!). By mile 6 I was calling Bri to see if he was still at work. Two tries later I reach him and he is and would be for a bit longer.

I slowly made my way to his car...I had to walk and actually sit in the lawn of a church for a few minutes.

Total miles in 9...goal 13. This is the second time where I tried a long run and died. My goal for this week is to pay close attention to when and what I am eating. I will be putting snack time into my daily not busy schedule. I started off with a green/red monster smoothie this morning after I got home. It was PERFECT! Though I am sure the strawberry spinach ratio was a little off!

Now it is time for more water and lunch!

QOTD: Have you ever tried a run without proper fueling? Do you get too hot or exhausted that you can't eat?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New family and race recap

Welcome to the name decided upon yet.....but she is here!
Meeting big sis.....yes Kubba is still hissing when she walks up to her but hoping it settles down.

Running to MOMMA!!
She is exactly a 6.5 women's size shoe!

Yes that has kind of taken up our evening! She is cute and we have thrown a lot of names around but just can't find the perfect one yet. Idea's any one??

Now to the race recap: 5miler (my gps and dud's gps came out at 5.31miles) 43:35

It was a tough course and it really challenged me! Which I loved a lot lot lot! We started off in the woods of a local Game Lands. We have fished there a few times so I knew a least the one pond area as we ran around it at the start. Every turn and path was well mark with nice bright orange tape and wooden signs with arrows! I started off with a 7:35 first mile and felt great. I could see one women ahead of me. I knew that another women who always beats me was somewhere behind me. I hit mile two but my GPS blinked out so I don't have a time for it....(yes I am looking for a new garmin). Around 2.5 we were in mainly woods and shade and it was flat. The other woman caught up to me and we giggled as she passed because I turned and felt her coming so I told her just get it over with and pass! I tried to stay as close as possible with her but didn't want to burn out pushing to stay with her. I could still see her and the other women the whole time. They were passing each other a million times. Good thing because at mile 4 the hills came! Oh who ever thought to put a quarter mile long hill in the last .5mile of a 5mile trail run was nuts! But I got up it and got to the straight stretch before the finish. An older gentlemen caught up to me and yelled at me to kick it in so I did! I was so happy to have him yell at me. When I came through the finish they told me I was the 3rd female to finish! I was shocked because I thought they took off and were way ahead of me!! But come to find out it was the two women I could see the whole time. They finished less then 40secs ahead of me.

I love trail runs and now that I know the course I think I can tackle it better next year! I am happy with my time for a trail run. Now the debate is....LR tomorrow or Monday? Play with the newbie kitten or LR?? LOL!!

Happy weekend everybody!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am chopped liver....

when Bri comes home with me. They fight over who holds HIS hand!! Yet they ask him to take them to the potty I still get that duty! He will not do diapers or potty trips!

I am a few days behind in the blog world. I just read 45 blogs!! Now it is time to catch you up on my Thursday! It started off with a 5.3mile run with Hey Hey, Manda and Dud!! We took our time and made a few stops along the way. But it was nice to run with someone!! We have a 5mile trail run tomorrow that I am excited about!!!!

After our run Hey Hey brought all the ingredients for a green monster! None of us have had it before so we were eager to give it a shot! i was pleasantly surprised that I could not taste the spinach! It was delicious!! I will be filling up the fridge today with all that I need to make my own!

After the run Bri and I headed up to my parents to spend the afternoon/evening with the niece and nephew!
Evie's new swing Papa made for her!

Aren't they just precious together!

They even had a party in the tent we got her for Christmas!

Then we headed to the lake to have a picnic dinner and play on the playground!

Henry showing off his muscles!
Bri having them race each other down the slides! Evie won because Henry had to turn around and go backwards.
Watching all the boats out on the lake while climbing the HUGE rocks!

Now I am off to do grown up things like laundry and grocery shopping while Bri is with the BIL helping haul logs out of the woods. I will be back with the Trail Run recap tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

I have seen this on several blogs these past few days and Hey Hey just linked me to do it too!
Favorite Cartoon CharacterMy mom always said I was just like Tigger. I have several stuffed Tiggers at my folks house still.
Favorite thing to photograph
Gotta love pics of the nieces and nephews!
Favorite thing to cookYummy summer meal of steak wraps. I love Ranch dressing by the way!!
My Favorite ExerciseMy new found love is DISTANCE running. Always been a runner but now I love the challenge of marathon training.
Favorite MovieI am into the crime scene movies. I have several others I like but I watched this movie every time I was home sick from school!
Favorite article of clothing
I would wear these babies everyday all day if I could!
Favorite flower
My grandmother grew yellow roses and I always loved them. I even gotten a yellow rose tattoo in memory of my grandmother.
Favorite Breakfast
I love these so much. Just talking about them I want to go get some!
Favorite book I have recently read

This one is interesting but I bought it and downloaded it on my phone so I have a book to read at all times.
Favorite Place to be
Love to hit up the trails and run cross country style!
There you go all.....a few new things about me! Now it is these following lovely ladies a turn. If you already did it you are just that awesome to get picked twice!

MCM Mama

Tricia @ Endurance Isn't Only Physical

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem