Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Posting Comments

I just spent some time reading the Blogger Forum about the inablity to post on peoples blogs. I am so bummed about this because I am not able to enter a few giveaways!!!! YIKES! But I think my blog has been blocking people as well. So I took some advice and changed the setting on my own blog. I will be trying to post a comment once this is up but I would also like to hear from you all and see if you can post as well!!

P.S. I am so avoiding doing end of the year paper work to figure this out!!! LOL

construction continues....

Here are more pictures that are from all four days...I will have final pictures up soon.

Bri and Dud working hard by hand with no nail gun to put the flooring/ceiling in!

The view of the ceiling in the kitchen:)

The beautiful new floor!!! :)

The view from the kitchen when the floor was going in! Ella Beans was a little confused!

The new wall and doorway being put up!

The first wall completely finished! This also was the easiest wall out of all of them!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Yes I am screaming like crazy! Why? Well we did some crazy crazy stuff last night and I don't recommend anyone to do the same. When I got home from work around 4pm there was a hole in the wall! The ugly ugly window was laying on the ground!! There is no pictures of that bc it was embarrassing to look at! But I do have pictures of the hole in the wall!!

This is the view from the stairs.

Bri and Dud working on framing out the wall and sliding glass door.

Ta da!!! Mister, Manda, Dud, Bri and I risked our lives in thunder, lightning and fierce winds to get the sliding glass door up the ladders onto the deck. Oh am I sore today and exhausted! It was after 8pm again that we got dinner. I vacuumed several times to get all the YUCK out of the house before we start another day! We don't need to mention the Ickiness that was found in the walls but it def. explains the smell and all Bri's sneezing!!!

I am at school and everyone else took a sick day to finish getting the flooring ready! More pics to come!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rochester Marathon

Well I am starting to get everything put together for my training of the Rochester Marathon. I have it scheduled in my calender and finished making my training plan. I am going to follow a similar plan that I did for the Disney Marathon. I am going to do 3-5 mile runs during the week and then one cross training day. I will have Sunday's be my long run days while Bri sleeps the day away. My cross training is going to be biking to school for our summer reading events! That is 12miles I can get in!

Thursdays and some Saturdays will be my rest and enjoy the day type days! I am really looking forward to getting that started. I am going to spend June just getting stuff done around the house and taking in the summer. I will get into my true full training plan the last week of June.

I have several 5ks planned and a half marathon planned as well. They are all put into the schedule and my long runs are adjust around them. The weekend after my full there is a half marathon that runs right past my house. Hey Hey said suck it up and do it....well I will put it in the schedule and go from there. I know it was hard to run even 2 miles after Disney for a few days. I think I am sitting out on the four wheeler and spectating but ...we will see!

Now on to the fundraising aspect of things. I have raised money before for races but never handed it out further than family members. It is hard to ask for money or donations for some reason. I don't want people to feel obligated but it is for a good cause and it all goes directly to the foundation. I have a website that you can go to and donate. If your little awesome blogger hearts desire you can go visit it and maybe possible help me reach my goal!

Rochester Marathon Fundraiser Website

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the Craziness begin!

First and foremost......MY CABLE IS BACK!! The guy came out put a new part on the dish and left. 15minutes total for 6days without cable! So Yes I watched Idol....Yes I voted for Scotty! I LOVE IDOL THIS YEAR!!!

So far this week I ran Monday an easy 3miles to see how my legs felt. My shins were burning a bit but I also was doing nothing but hills. I topped it off with the push up challenge and a night of finishing polying the floor boards. I took Tuesday off to wait for the cable guy and then get some staining done. Almost halfway through the wall boards:)

Today is oh take a guess.....yuppers another day of testing and I am praying the last day of testing. Only 7more days of school but a long long 5days ahead. Why?? Because we are starting to tare apart the upstairs today/tomorrow. YIKES!!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Another busy day!

A round of pictures of things that happened this weekend!

Painting of the ceiling all by my lonesome....but Bri had a great 24hours with the Wilson!

Polyurethaning the floor/ceiling for the upstairs.....to clarify..the one side is the floor and the other is the ceiling for the kitchen. I was doing the kitchen side for 3hours on Sunday.

Then I made my favorite dish of Shrimp Alfredo. This Is bri's plate!

My dish to help with serving size!

My last Monday of the school year!!!! Have lots of testing to do still this week. Hoping to get it done by Wednesday so we can start to clean this crazy room up!!

Running today!! Hoping for the best with my shins! :)

QOTD: What house work do you actually enjoy doing?
I love tearing things apart and starting new! Staining and painting are my jobs!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a weekend. I am exhausted! I still have not tried a run but with all that I have been doing I have gotten a workout in via cardio. Yesterday morning I got up bright and squirrely to get some grocery shopping done for the coming week.

To Do list for the week:
remove huge ugly window
take out all walls and closet up stairs
build wall back in around new pretty sliding glass door
install new hardwood floors
install new hardwood walls

So with all that happening I am trying to think of easy grab and go meals or snacks. I loaded this place up with fruit (for everyone but Bri) he gets chips. Then lunch meat, rolls, bread, and cheese, bologna and crackers. I am also making a pulled chicken in the crock pot so whenever you want you can eat it. Then I have to get hamburgers and hot dogs for those who would like something different. After my shopping trip I headed out to Bri's parents to get some work done on the hardwood walls.

Bri's dad sanded the boards as I stained. I forgot saw horses so we did not get much done. I am going back out today at some point and every other day this week. (another reason I am going out there....they have working cable.) Now I can't complain about the shipping of the receiver that came yesterday and I was thrilled. But.....we then found out it isn't the receiver after all. We are pretty sure the cable its self, the satellite, was what got damaged by the lightning. So now they do have to come out here and check it all out. SO more time to get things done and fit tv in later!

After staining the walls we all came back to the cabin to work on sanding all 36 boards for the flooring. That took forever! I couldn't even stand in the garage bc it was a solid wall of dust. Yes in the garage bc it is still wanting to rain!!!! So I was the errand girl for the afternoon. I went and got more sandpaper for the multitool and then picked up pizza and wings for dinner. I was way too tired to figure something out.

I also was getting the ceiling painted upstairs before all of this begins. It takes a lot of arm strength to paint over your head! I got two coats on and it looks loads better!!

Sorry for no pics but it was so crazy I never had my iphone or camera around. I promise more house pics soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

staing, painting and raining

So I left off last night with me in no hurry to get home due to the fact we had no power. Well I should have just headed to someone else house! Just Kidding!! I got home to a thick smell of stain. Bri had start the ceiling beams with no windows open = instant migraine! Yes this is me taking pictures and not helping. But realize he has a very small can and the only can of stain. So my job was move the light where he needed it. Plus I made him some dinner!!

I also starting working on the upstairs (pic to come). I sorted through all the JUNK up there and made a donate pile, garage sale pile?? and dumpster pile.

After Bri ran out of stain we sat down to watch IDOL and eat dinner and realized......
Deceased by lightning strike May 19,2011 therefore no IDOL watching. I called Direct tv and they are SHIPPING (SERIOUSLY) me a new box in the MAIL!! WHAT??!!?? So projected time without TV 2-5 days. OK hello it is the weekend it is going to be 5 days! So 2 people gave me the play by play of IDOL last night while I sat in bed reading my book.

Tonight's plans: Bri is out with the boys so I am going to paint the ceiling upstairs and get it ready to tare apart next week!!!

May my cable box rest in peace.....:(

QOTD: Has anything of yours been struck by lightning?

Well now a few things. At my folks house it was the answering machine, my old apartment the internet modem, now the cable box.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In no rush

Well....thunderstorm number 1million has hit our town. Last I spoke to Bri we didn't have power. It is going to be a long night. Right now this is what our living room looks like....

No Main door on there.....

Oh yea there it is...on 3 saw horses in the middle of the room

But I do have to say it came out lovely! I can't wait to see if it is back up when I get home.

So...as the title says I am in no rush to get home. I do plan on grilling just in case the power keeps going out on us. Steak wraps it is again! Then I do believe there will be more painting and staining done tonight! Hoping that there is something in the mail for me when I get home too!!

And the Push Ups Begin!

Workout: 2.36 really easy 21:38. Push Up Challenge Day 1

So after work I checked around and no one else was running so I headed out from the cabin for a VERY easy run. I knew my legs were still hurting from the tough race weekend so I didn't plan on anything far or hard. Though out by our house you can't get away from at least 3 hills in a mile. So I started out and it is all down hill. My shins just felt heavy not painful. I made it to the turn around that I planned and was feeling just OK. Now it was time to head back up the hill (1.2ish miles up) So I took it easy. I was easily distracted by the cars flying down a very narrow wet road. One big pick up (a show off) came around the bend towards me at probably over 55 (speed limit 40) and swerved and almost went on two wheels. If he was doing the speed limit he would not have had to swerve at all. I was about 1/4mile away still. Dumb Bunnies who drive crazy like that on a back road. Heres hoping the cop sitting back at the turn around got him!!

So I made it back to my driveway which it even more uphill I push it up that. Bad idea once I made it to the top the pain set in. My shins are sore lets just say it. No running for me today which was the plan but I need to tell myself they are sore back off.

Instead of anything more pounding on the leg I started my 100 Push Up Challenge. I started at Rank 2 so my reps were:

6 push ups
60 sec rest
6push ups
60 sec rest
8 push ups
60 sec rest
8 push ups
60 sec rest
max of 8 push ups ( I did 8 very slowly!)

Bri watched over as he was working on painting. I did hear once "Get your booty down" but otherwise I think my hands were right this time. I am feeling it in my shoulders and my abs today. I believe I am a breathe holder!

Did you vote last night for IDOL?? Go SCOTTY!!!

Can you run more than one/two days in a row without pain? I am learning I need more rest days the more I increase my miles.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

100 Push Up Challenge

Ok first off....I am sorry for the very personal post last night. I probably did not need to share my medical issues like I did. But with me getting old (yes 28yrs is old when you notice you can't eat anything you want without gaining weight!!) there are tough decisions to be made that affect me, my future, my running and my body. it also is a tougher decision than most due to the fact I am one medicine for seizures and I have to watch what other meds I take. So anyways....that decision has been made and we will see where it takes me. Hopefully to a stronger body that can start to tone up again!

So on that note I did my initial test last night for the 100 Push Up Challenge. I had Bri watch like I promised. Well.....he is a tough coach! I got 6 in before he said I was doing them wrong and to put my booty down! So he got down and showed me where my arms are supposed to be.

OUCH!! I had them about 12 inches out in front of me and I knew it was wrong but I could not do many with them right under me. So he said I only got about 6-10 done correctly. So I will be starting in rank 2. Not very impressive. But I want to be able to do them correctly at the end of this. I also want to do them when he is around at the beginning to make sure I am keeping the form right.

Hoping to get an easy short run in today. My ankles are finally calming down and the shin pain is minimal! :)

Off to the real world of work and more assessments assessments assessments. I love data because it shows how hard these kids worked all year!!! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rest Days

Workout: listening to kids read ALL day long. LOL yea I love my job:)

I decided that I NEED to take it easy this week. I was really feeling pain in my shins during the race on Saturday. I hadn't had much pain since then until today. I think it is because I twisted my ankle so many times on Sunday that I am walking weird! Either way it is going to be a really easy week as far was running goes. I am hoping to do my initial test for the push up challenge once Bri wakes up and can count for me. He will also say "Nope that wasn't a real one!" I can always count on him to help me out! :)

Well on to a more personal note. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about lack of calcium due to not having a regular monthly friend. I have been taking a shot every three months that prevents me from having my friend completely. Sounds nice right? Well it was for 2+ years. The dr says that it isn't a good idea to do more than two years. It can cause several side effects, bone loss (no release of calcium by not having your monthly friend) and weight gain (not cool I gained quiet a bit). So after feeling pain in my shins for several months now and unable to lose any weight except when I lessen my soda intake I knew it was time to change.

I am now starting the Nuva Ring. I am pretty sure there has been a repeating commercial out there for this one. But the dr. thinks I will still not get my friend for awhile. Lets just hope the mood swings stay away too!!

Plan for the rest of the night: Breakfast for dinner, Biggest Loser, and get all caught up with school work!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Personal Day Off

After 21miles of racing this weekend I took today off from school. It is a good thing too because I looked like I was dead to the world when I got up this morning. Bri was very nice and didn't say anything until i said "Don't I look lovely this morning?" and he started laughing! Yea it is hard to sleep well when a cat is snoring against your neck. Yes Yes I could kick her out but I don't want to hurt her feelings LOL Yea I'm nuts!

So on my to do list today was keep moving so my legs loosen up. I started off at Target and found some cute snack bowls for the niece's and nephew.

We love the Disney princesses and Toy Story!!!

The big thing on the to do list today was new tires for my car. I went to Sears and knew exactly what I needed. Actually I had a piece of paper that Bri wrote exactly what I needed. Sears is awesome and price matches. Bri found 3 different websites that I could get my tires for cheaper. Sears took the lowest price! Though they had to order them so I had a whole day free to do this and couldn't get them put on. Though they said it would be tomorrow or Wednesday that they would be in. Since I am taking a few more rest days this week I should be able to fit it in.

Then the spotlight of the day: Pizza at Sam's club!! (the east coast version of Costco I believe) it cost $2.30 something for 2 slices and a 32oz drink! It also taste delicious! I found some nice running tops while I was there too. :)

This afternoon I relaxed and got some school work done. Yea Yea didn't take the whole day off.

I want to help more around the outside of the house so I asked to mow the lawn. Now our lawn is not very big at all. We only use a push mower and I can not start it on my own (HENCE WHY I NEED TO START THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE!!). So Bri started it for me before he headed off to work for the night.

Well.......this above picture didn't last long.....:( i was trying to do the hill and it slipped and I let go of the handle. Which takes us back to I NEED TO DO THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE. I could not get it started again and Bri had left already. So did I complete the yard? Nope had 2 more sweeps to go. Ugh!

If you want to start the push up challenge with me go to Vanessa's blog and you can enter to win the book all about the push up challenge! I need all the support I can get bc I am weak weak weak when it involves upper body!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Recap 15miler trail run

Well after an awesome PR run on Saturday i still had a 15mile Hike Run to do on Sunday. The weather was not looking promising either. I woke up to rain rain and more rain. Also calling for thunderstorms. So I threw on capri's and a nice top for rain. Dud, Manda, Adam (our cheerleader and photographer for the day), and I headed the 45min drive to Crystal Lake.

Adam our cheerleader in the rain.

Let me say a few words about Crystal Lake. It is beautiful for a lake in the woods. But once you start getting into the course you say...ahh this is why it says Hike/run.

Hydrating for the race!

Darn Garmin would not find a satellite!!!! GRRRR is the face I am making.

And the race begins!!! Dud and Manda in the green shirts!

This race goes around the lake 3 different ways before heading out into the woods. At mile 4 we head out and at that point everyone is spread out. I was first female by this point and running with 3 other male runners. We stayed together through out but not within talking distance. At times I couldn't see the guy ahead of me due to fog.

I ate chews and Swedish fish starting at mile 3.5. I then had one at 6.5, 9, and 12. I hit a rough spot around mile 9-10 because it was just a steady uphill so it became mostly a hike there. Mile 14 is where you start heading back down the mountain and back to the camp. I made up a lot of time with this chunk of down hill. The last two miles were rough since my legs were still heavy from the race the day before.
I finished with a final time 2:36 the exact time I got last year. So no PR but I did finish as first female.

Me and my plaque and the Reese's PB cup that I walked back to get. They had them at the last water station that was half a mile from the finish. The lake is behind me and It is pouring at this point but you can't tell.

Manda and Dud finished strong! They got lost at one point and I think if this didn't happen they would have gotten the time they had last year!!

Overall, I will do this race again and again. I love trail runs even though most of the time I could talk to myself and curse loudly when I tripped and no one would hear. I did not use music because I love the sound of rain and the peacefulness of the woods!

I have taken my ice bath and done a few things around the house to keep moving. I feel good so far. Now it is time to get some school work done so I can relax on the personal day that I took tomorrow!!!

QOTD: Do you or will you run trail runs? Are you a fan of running in the rain?

Lowes, Family, and RACES

Yes that all happened this weekend~

We start off with Race #1 May Day 10K. I said before that this is not my favorite race. WHY? Well it is an out and back flat on a bike path. Once the leaders reach the turn around you can see exactly where you stand time and place wise. I wanted to be around 8:15 first mile and keep that pace for the first half. Well I was feeling great and started at a 7:51 pace. I tried to back off a little but never really did. I kept an eye on a pack of girls in front of me during mile 2 and it was bothering me. I am not used to seeing so many girls in front of me. So as much as I didn't want to surge so early I pushed it and got around 6-7 girls that were running all together. I kept turning around and looking for Hey Hey because she loves this race and is known to fly right past me and yell "Get out of your head!". When we hit the turn around I was in 5th place for ladies and Hey hey was close behind in 7th. She looked strong and ready to come chase me down! At this point I was feeling great and better than I did last year where I let the high winds wear me down. The weather was a nice gloomy day in the 50s with barely a mist of rain. I kept repeating to myself keep this pace and you will finish strong. I wasn't doing any math as far as what pace I as doing or what I would finish with. I was staying with two guys and talked every once in awhile to them. We hit the smaller piece of the path and ran into walkers and strollers. I had to yell "track" "on your left" several times hoping it didn't slow my pace down. I took one last look for Hey Hey with .5 miles to go and she was seconds away. I pushed as hard as I could and finished at 48:03 (a 3min PR from last year!) and 5th women and 2nd in my age group. Hey Hey was right behind with 48:14. This was the best I felt in a long time for a flat course. I stayed out of my head as far as negative thoughts. :) Manda and Dud also had a great race. Rob was also able to join us today and complete the 5k!!

After the race I headed home because my parents were in town!!! They brought down an awesome corner piece that my grandpa made and also a table saw for Bri. We both appreciated both things!! I love them for being to so willing to give away such big things for them. The table saw is something my dad has had for 30 years and is still in great shape. The corner piece was in my grandparents house for years and went to my aunt after they past away. I feel awesome to receive this huge piece of their past!

Oh there is so much more to Saturday. After everyone left after a great lunch and down time (yes when my parents came Bri's folks, Manda, Rob and Ella all came over too!!!) Bri and I headed to Lowes. We spent about 30mins in the stain isle. We have so many things to stain and just don't know what to go with. We eventually chose 2 stains and headed to walmart to grab Swedish Fish for my 15miler on Sunday.

Well.....once we got home our chooses weren't exactly what Bri wanted. I gave him 45min processing time then said lets head back I will drive this time. So back to Lowes we went. We got the right stain, instillation, paint for the door and a nice expensive paint brush. Then we decided a few groceries were needed and a movie by then.

Whew! Saturday was busy and great all in one nice package.

Friday, May 13, 2011

You Scream I scream We all Scream for Ice Cream!!

Workout Thursday: 3.65 30:30
Workout Friday: 2.5miles easy

I love prerace days!! We all head towards the local Ice Cream place. It is a 1.5mile run there then we walk about quarter a mile while we eat our ice cream cones. Then we finish up the last half mile by jogging home. Today I had birthday cake ice cream YUM!!

Hey Hey enjoying her Creamsicle Ice Cream

Hey Hey and her sis Manda!!

Manda and I

10k race in the morning!! Calling for rain and honestly I wouldn't mind it on this race. It is all bike path it is horrible when it is all sun. Gets real hot! Then after the race my parents are coming for their first visit to the cabin!!! YEA!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful Day....... but rough day

Workout: 4miles 34:43 (8:37 pace) flat bike path, 80+ degrees

Today was a rough day at work.....blah blah blah. Testing testing testing. i have already bored you enough describing my next few weeks of my life at work. no more routine, fun and games. It is crunch time to get all the data in and you can see it affecting teachers and kids. I am so ready for June 3rd!!
Hey Hey and I after our 4mile run
(Don't mind the fact that my sunglasses are bigger than my face. I don't like any sun in my eyes!)

Ran today with Hey Hey on the bike path. It was gorgeous but I learned quickly that my mouth was making my feet move too fast for a 4mile run. Don't worry hey hey let me know!! LOL ;) Once we got into a good pace we were doing good. Hey Hey's legs were feeling a little tired but I am sure after her stretching and maybe yoga or walk with the dogs she will be feeling much better. Hoping to get another run in tomorrow too! While cooking dinner tonight I started Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt down. I have no flexibility so this is ALL hard for me. But it is a goal to strengthen and stretch more.
For dinner tonight I made one of Bri's favorites.....stromboli. It is steak-um, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. VERY healthy....NOT!!! I am trying to load up in case I can run the 15miler this weekend (pray for no rain so I can run it!!). Either way I will have the carbs for the May Day 10k on Saturday. I will do that one rain or shine because it is all flat on the bike path.

After a few errands around the house....washing my car, starting to clean before my parents come this weekend, and dishes...it is time for IDOL!!!!!!

QOTD: What do you eat leading up to a big race? Do you increase calories, load up on carbs or stick to routine?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Workout: 3.4 28:36/8:25 pace run with Dud. It was beautiful out with a light wind and 77 degrees.

Today was an interesting day. It started off with a lovely visitor outside the door this morning.

Look carefully behind Bun bun's house and you will see the little momma deer. I even started my car and she didn't notice me. I wasn't seen by her until I walked over to check on the bunny. The deer are known to sniff and kick the bunny when she bites them for getting too close. She was hiding out in her house this morning though.

Then it was time for school .....ugh. The end of they year is the craziest time of year for any teacher but for Title I we are responsible for testing every student in the building. I started plugging along last week and I am still working getting Kindergarten done. I am praying that we can get all this testing done around all the end of the year picnics, assemblies, and arts and crafts.

For lunch these past two days I have been trying to change up my salads.

I have been using salsa for a dressing instead of the normal extra extra ranch. It has been delicious. This was yesterday's salad, today I added walnuts and tuna to it. I made it so big I couldn't even finish it all!!

This afternoon I did get a run in with Dud. We ran on a road along one of the creeks and the road was closed at one point because of flooding. The road was still a mess and made it a bumpy run in parts. Another girls was running ahead of us and jumped when she came across a snake. I tried not to laugh because it was just a grass snake (no rattlesnake in that area).

My dilemma for the week is to run the 15miler on Sunday or not. Dud said that it is supposed to be rain on Friday-Sunday. It is all trail and he doesn't want to do it and risk injury. I understand but I love this race and have been training for it. I am hoping we don't get that bad of rain and Dud and Manda still go. I am still debating whether I go without them though :(

Now I am off to finish up my laundry and watch Glee and Biggest Loser.

Refreshed and ready to go!

Yea I got a good night sleep and no more migraine!!! So the key to today is lots more water and not teaching outside!! I really want to get a run in today so change of schedule again, no zumba today. So hint hint Hey Hey if your running let me know or I will be emailing by lunch :)

Oh go check out Hungry Runner she is having an awesome giveaway this week!! I think I would love this shoes for a few trail runs or just comfy shoes! How exciting I hope I win!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Not my day

Well today started out just OK. When I got in bed last night my stomach was not behaving. I have a history of bad regularity I guess is the polite way of putting it. I can go a very long time with out visiting the ladies room. So my belly was really hurting last night. I had a very restless sleep and woke feeling miserable. I eventually woke up completely around 9am and was doing fine at work. I took a group outside to use sidewalk chalk and do some writing activities. It was beautiful out and the boys enjoyed having the lesson outside. But after that lesson my eyes never readjusted. I have had a terrible migraine since then. I have drank 3.5 nalgene bottles since 1pm and I still haven't shown proof of hydration.

My plan was to run 6-8 miles this afternoon, even with my migraine I was checking the route online at the end of the day preparing. Then noticed I didn't have my change of clothes. UGH!

So I ran a few errands and headed home. (Bday present #2 for Manda and I picked up the same Champion shirt I picked up for her the other day!! So true that neon pink is the perfect shirt to wear in a big race!! We make cute twinkies...aka what we call each other when we show up to a run/race with the same clothes on)

When I got home I laid down and feel asleep with my arm covering my eyes. Bri found me on the couch when he woke up to get ready for work. The migraine was even worse then it was before I feel asleep. I still wanted to get my run in so I said I would eat some dinner then head out when he left for work. But every time I stood up i couldn't even keep my eyes open. I guess i have sat out in the sun too much this weekend and the few minutes today didn't help. Guess I am still adjusting to the warmer weather. As far as the run goes....I will just have to hope I am ready for the two races I have this weekend, a 10k on Saturday and a 15mile trail run/hike on Sunday.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body first no matter how much you want to get a run in!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Part #2

Saturday was a blast! Bri and I got up at 4:30am and got around to the head to Hershey, PA. He had a conference to go to for work and I was driving him down there. Last year for this I got a hold of my dear awesome greatest friend LeLe and spent the day with her. I got a hold of her again and this time her Mom, Marky and her all met me in Hershey for the day!!!First we went to the Hershey Zoo. It was fun to see the enormous bear hiding in the little bit of shade he had!
I loved the prairie dogs! They stood there by their holes proudly guarding it as you were just feet away from them. Marky ruined it when I said "OOOh they could so pull a Madagascar here and escape." When he said "It is like an in-ground pool. There is only so much dirt they can dig" UGH!
I also found out I am the size of an average black bear. Though when Dud saw the pic he corrected me and said i am the average height not size. Ehh doesn't feel like that some days.

After the zoo we headed over to the Hershey Outlets!I found the bestest thing ever!! VERA Bradley!!! I knew the moment I saw the wall of Vera I was in trouble. I have been looking around for a new purse but just haven't found the right one yet. I have this pattern for my wristlet and it didn't match my purse. So when I saw that pattern and picked up the purse I knew I had to have it!! I did send the picture to Bri first and asked if I could have it and I got the big SURE!!! Yippeee I was in line before I could write back! I also found some good deals for Manda's Bday at Champion and then resisted to buy anything else!

We hit up Red Robin for a late lunch. None of us had ever been there before so we were hoping everything we heard about it was right! Well my review of my one meal I had: I was excited about bottomless fries but I wasn't a fan so I only ate 2 of mine. Though......The bacon cheeseburger was amazing. It was simple and to the point which I enjoy. There were no special sauces or anything crazy that would make my stomach go nuts. That burger didn't last 2 minutes on my plate!!! I also tried out their Raspberry Limaide very refreshing! So overall I liked it but because I didn't need more fries it was pricey for just a burger.

After that I headed back to the Hershey Lodge to wait for Bri and I was soon joined by this......
Yea these guys walked around and if you were sitting in the chairs they would try to come up behind you and scare you! There were some little kids scared of them and would walk around peeking behind post to check and make sure they weren't around!

More pics of Hershey, PA
Check out the light post! They are Hershey kisses!
Overall a great weekend~Thanks Lele and Marky for meeting me it was great seeing you!!