Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Part #2

Saturday was a blast! Bri and I got up at 4:30am and got around to the head to Hershey, PA. He had a conference to go to for work and I was driving him down there. Last year for this I got a hold of my dear awesome greatest friend LeLe and spent the day with her. I got a hold of her again and this time her Mom, Marky and her all met me in Hershey for the day!!!First we went to the Hershey Zoo. It was fun to see the enormous bear hiding in the little bit of shade he had!
I loved the prairie dogs! They stood there by their holes proudly guarding it as you were just feet away from them. Marky ruined it when I said "OOOh they could so pull a Madagascar here and escape." When he said "It is like an in-ground pool. There is only so much dirt they can dig" UGH!
I also found out I am the size of an average black bear. Though when Dud saw the pic he corrected me and said i am the average height not size. Ehh doesn't feel like that some days.

After the zoo we headed over to the Hershey Outlets!I found the bestest thing ever!! VERA Bradley!!! I knew the moment I saw the wall of Vera I was in trouble. I have been looking around for a new purse but just haven't found the right one yet. I have this pattern for my wristlet and it didn't match my purse. So when I saw that pattern and picked up the purse I knew I had to have it!! I did send the picture to Bri first and asked if I could have it and I got the big SURE!!! Yippeee I was in line before I could write back! I also found some good deals for Manda's Bday at Champion and then resisted to buy anything else!

We hit up Red Robin for a late lunch. None of us had ever been there before so we were hoping everything we heard about it was right! Well my review of my one meal I had: I was excited about bottomless fries but I wasn't a fan so I only ate 2 of mine. Though......The bacon cheeseburger was amazing. It was simple and to the point which I enjoy. There were no special sauces or anything crazy that would make my stomach go nuts. That burger didn't last 2 minutes on my plate!!! I also tried out their Raspberry Limaide very refreshing! So overall I liked it but because I didn't need more fries it was pricey for just a burger.

After that I headed back to the Hershey Lodge to wait for Bri and I was soon joined by this......
Yea these guys walked around and if you were sitting in the chairs they would try to come up behind you and scare you! There were some little kids scared of them and would walk around peeking behind post to check and make sure they weren't around!

More pics of Hershey, PA
Check out the light post! They are Hershey kisses!
Overall a great weekend~Thanks Lele and Marky for meeting me it was great seeing you!!

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