Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feeling Better

After staying home from work on Friday I slept most of the morning then hung out getting caught up on the Royal wedding during the afternoon. I was in bed pretty early that night too.

I hit up the gas station and grocery store early Saturday in prep of a day with Bri's boys at Ben's families hunting cabin. (pictures to come soon!!)

The weather was beautiful and even with it being windy and a little chilly (sweatshirt weather) I got sun burned on my face. But it was a fun day and full of laughter.

Today is a laid back day, doing a few jobs around the house as Bri sleeps to get ready for work tonight.

I haven't run since Wednesday due to my cold, but I might try a little run since I am not feeling as run down but I might still need my hankie with me. So my long run is being moved to during the week. Two weeks until the 15 miler run/hike race and I have only done a 9.7mile long run!! I want to do at least a 12mile run but we will see what happens. Last year I did it with no prep and enjoyed it. It is all trail/ski hills and most of it I was by myself in the woods. I would like to at least beat my time from last year knowing I have a little more distance base going into it.

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