Monday, May 16, 2011

Personal Day Off

After 21miles of racing this weekend I took today off from school. It is a good thing too because I looked like I was dead to the world when I got up this morning. Bri was very nice and didn't say anything until i said "Don't I look lovely this morning?" and he started laughing! Yea it is hard to sleep well when a cat is snoring against your neck. Yes Yes I could kick her out but I don't want to hurt her feelings LOL Yea I'm nuts!

So on my to do list today was keep moving so my legs loosen up. I started off at Target and found some cute snack bowls for the niece's and nephew.

We love the Disney princesses and Toy Story!!!

The big thing on the to do list today was new tires for my car. I went to Sears and knew exactly what I needed. Actually I had a piece of paper that Bri wrote exactly what I needed. Sears is awesome and price matches. Bri found 3 different websites that I could get my tires for cheaper. Sears took the lowest price! Though they had to order them so I had a whole day free to do this and couldn't get them put on. Though they said it would be tomorrow or Wednesday that they would be in. Since I am taking a few more rest days this week I should be able to fit it in.

Then the spotlight of the day: Pizza at Sam's club!! (the east coast version of Costco I believe) it cost $2.30 something for 2 slices and a 32oz drink! It also taste delicious! I found some nice running tops while I was there too. :)

This afternoon I relaxed and got some school work done. Yea Yea didn't take the whole day off.

I want to help more around the outside of the house so I asked to mow the lawn. Now our lawn is not very big at all. We only use a push mower and I can not start it on my own (HENCE WHY I NEED TO START THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE!!). So Bri started it for me before he headed off to work for the night.

Well.......this above picture didn't last long.....:( i was trying to do the hill and it slipped and I let go of the handle. Which takes us back to I NEED TO DO THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE. I could not get it started again and Bri had left already. So did I complete the yard? Nope had 2 more sweeps to go. Ugh!

If you want to start the push up challenge with me go to Vanessa's blog and you can enter to win the book all about the push up challenge! I need all the support I can get bc I am weak weak weak when it involves upper body!

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yay for the push-up challenge! Definitely start it, and then you can mow on your own!! :)