Sunday, May 1, 2011

The C's Hunting Cabin

As I promised pictures of the trip to the hunting cabin. This place was incredible with amazing views and thousands of acres to explore. This is the cabin but we did not spend much time inside!

We headed up to Mud Lake to do some fishing. Bri and Jason checking the row boat for rattle snakes before our trip out on the lake.
Mud Lake! Isn't is beautiful and it is at the top of the mountain. But unfortunately there were no fish in the lake that day!

This is the only thing we caught that day in the row boat. I call it a "thingy with legs" but I do know that it is a salamander.
So back to why the boys were checking the boat for rattle snakes. On our way up the mountain the boys decided to get out and check the hunting spot called "titantic" for rattle snakes. There are lots of rocks in this field...perfect sun bathing spot.
If you look on the left there is a 4 foot long black rattle snake going nuts because we are crazy people and got that close for pictures to put on a blog!!! If this picture had volume you wouldn't be able to focus to read because it was SO loud! On the right of the rock there were 3 more rattle snakes but smaller. Cool uh? Yea first ones I ever saw before!

After no fish, just snakes we headed back down the mountain for dinner. Now I had no clue what dinner included so I did not bring my phone or camera but regret that. There is a family that live in a house next to the cabin that are the care takers. When anyone in the club comes up they fix up the cabin and also make your dinner. There was the most tender steak roast, twice baked potatoes, green beans, champagne, and pound cake! OMG Bri had to help me finish it all.

Afterwards we got back in the car and headed back up the mountain before the sun went down.
The girls! Laura, Katie, Juliette, and me.
Bri and I with Mud Lake behind us.

The boys Jason, Ben and Bri.

Now on this trip there were a few more salamanders.

But the best of all was the boys and I running after this porcupine!! Yes after seeing 4 rattle snakes we still jumped out of the car and chased a porcupine so I could get a picture. Too bad I am not good with the camera!

It was a great day and I was glad I fought through the head cold to get out and enjoy the nice day and the critters. Hoping to get back up there some day!

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