Friday, May 27, 2011


Yes I am screaming like crazy! Why? Well we did some crazy crazy stuff last night and I don't recommend anyone to do the same. When I got home from work around 4pm there was a hole in the wall! The ugly ugly window was laying on the ground!! There is no pictures of that bc it was embarrassing to look at! But I do have pictures of the hole in the wall!!

This is the view from the stairs.

Bri and Dud working on framing out the wall and sliding glass door.

Ta da!!! Mister, Manda, Dud, Bri and I risked our lives in thunder, lightning and fierce winds to get the sliding glass door up the ladders onto the deck. Oh am I sore today and exhausted! It was after 8pm again that we got dinner. I vacuumed several times to get all the YUCK out of the house before we start another day! We don't need to mention the Ickiness that was found in the walls but it def. explains the smell and all Bri's sneezing!!!

I am at school and everyone else took a sick day to finish getting the flooring ready! More pics to come!!

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