Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lowes, Family, and RACES

Yes that all happened this weekend~

We start off with Race #1 May Day 10K. I said before that this is not my favorite race. WHY? Well it is an out and back flat on a bike path. Once the leaders reach the turn around you can see exactly where you stand time and place wise. I wanted to be around 8:15 first mile and keep that pace for the first half. Well I was feeling great and started at a 7:51 pace. I tried to back off a little but never really did. I kept an eye on a pack of girls in front of me during mile 2 and it was bothering me. I am not used to seeing so many girls in front of me. So as much as I didn't want to surge so early I pushed it and got around 6-7 girls that were running all together. I kept turning around and looking for Hey Hey because she loves this race and is known to fly right past me and yell "Get out of your head!". When we hit the turn around I was in 5th place for ladies and Hey hey was close behind in 7th. She looked strong and ready to come chase me down! At this point I was feeling great and better than I did last year where I let the high winds wear me down. The weather was a nice gloomy day in the 50s with barely a mist of rain. I kept repeating to myself keep this pace and you will finish strong. I wasn't doing any math as far as what pace I as doing or what I would finish with. I was staying with two guys and talked every once in awhile to them. We hit the smaller piece of the path and ran into walkers and strollers. I had to yell "track" "on your left" several times hoping it didn't slow my pace down. I took one last look for Hey Hey with .5 miles to go and she was seconds away. I pushed as hard as I could and finished at 48:03 (a 3min PR from last year!) and 5th women and 2nd in my age group. Hey Hey was right behind with 48:14. This was the best I felt in a long time for a flat course. I stayed out of my head as far as negative thoughts. :) Manda and Dud also had a great race. Rob was also able to join us today and complete the 5k!!

After the race I headed home because my parents were in town!!! They brought down an awesome corner piece that my grandpa made and also a table saw for Bri. We both appreciated both things!! I love them for being to so willing to give away such big things for them. The table saw is something my dad has had for 30 years and is still in great shape. The corner piece was in my grandparents house for years and went to my aunt after they past away. I feel awesome to receive this huge piece of their past!

Oh there is so much more to Saturday. After everyone left after a great lunch and down time (yes when my parents came Bri's folks, Manda, Rob and Ella all came over too!!!) Bri and I headed to Lowes. We spent about 30mins in the stain isle. We have so many things to stain and just don't know what to go with. We eventually chose 2 stains and headed to walmart to grab Swedish Fish for my 15miler on Sunday.

Well.....once we got home our chooses weren't exactly what Bri wanted. I gave him 45min processing time then said lets head back I will drive this time. So back to Lowes we went. We got the right stain, instillation, paint for the door and a nice expensive paint brush. Then we decided a few groceries were needed and a movie by then.

Whew! Saturday was busy and great all in one nice package.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Congrats on the race and the 3 minute PR--AMAZING!!