Thursday, May 5, 2011

Run for the Heart

Workout: 3.68 31:34 with Hey Hey and Dud. I love running with "family" because I just vent everything and share everything. I basically have a throwup of words LOL. I am all out of things to share within 5minutes of the run. Then it is a blast to hear how Hey Hey and Dud are doing!

Then I bought Long John Silver's for Bri for dinner. He LOVED it....his exact words "Oh this is so bad but sooooo good!"

I then finally got laundry done including washing the rugs in the bathroom and shampooing the throw rug. Then it was time for IDOL!!!! Oh Haley is awesome!!! But I am gunning for James!
I really hope Jacob goes tonight, I have only been saying it for 3 weeks!

Ok another day of testing, then tomorrow is the Walk-A-Thon here at our school!!

QOTD: Who do you want to win IDOL?? Do you run better with people or alone?

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