Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rest Days

Workout: listening to kids read ALL day long. LOL yea I love my job:)

I decided that I NEED to take it easy this week. I was really feeling pain in my shins during the race on Saturday. I hadn't had much pain since then until today. I think it is because I twisted my ankle so many times on Sunday that I am walking weird! Either way it is going to be a really easy week as far was running goes. I am hoping to do my initial test for the push up challenge once Bri wakes up and can count for me. He will also say "Nope that wasn't a real one!" I can always count on him to help me out! :)

Well on to a more personal note. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about lack of calcium due to not having a regular monthly friend. I have been taking a shot every three months that prevents me from having my friend completely. Sounds nice right? Well it was for 2+ years. The dr says that it isn't a good idea to do more than two years. It can cause several side effects, bone loss (no release of calcium by not having your monthly friend) and weight gain (not cool I gained quiet a bit). So after feeling pain in my shins for several months now and unable to lose any weight except when I lessen my soda intake I knew it was time to change.

I am now starting the Nuva Ring. I am pretty sure there has been a repeating commercial out there for this one. But the dr. thinks I will still not get my friend for awhile. Lets just hope the mood swings stay away too!!

Plan for the rest of the night: Breakfast for dinner, Biggest Loser, and get all caught up with school work!

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