Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the Craziness begin!

First and foremost......MY CABLE IS BACK!! The guy came out put a new part on the dish and left. 15minutes total for 6days without cable! So Yes I watched Idol....Yes I voted for Scotty! I LOVE IDOL THIS YEAR!!!

So far this week I ran Monday an easy 3miles to see how my legs felt. My shins were burning a bit but I also was doing nothing but hills. I topped it off with the push up challenge and a night of finishing polying the floor boards. I took Tuesday off to wait for the cable guy and then get some staining done. Almost halfway through the wall boards:)

Today is oh take a guess.....yuppers another day of testing and I am praying the last day of testing. Only 7more days of school but a long long 5days ahead. Why?? Because we are starting to tare apart the upstairs today/tomorrow. YIKES!!!!


1 comment:

Julia said...

wow! you are a rock star for running hills and then doing the pushup challenge...what an awesome workout!

Good luck finishing up the school year and also with your upstairs! eeek!