Monday, October 31, 2011

Wish me luck

I am leaving for Sports med in 10mins. Wish me luck that I figure out the problem and get some answers.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend in photos and little talk

Friday I was asleep by 9pm...literally could not keep my eyes open. I was so excited Bri got another deer I need to get some sleep.

Got up early to join the Girls, Hey Hey, Manda and Robyn for a 5K. I was the ONLY one who wore a cute outfit out of all 35 people who ran or walked. Guess the rain and cold deterred people from HAVING FUN! Well I am injured and could only do the 5K walk so I made the best of it! (I forgot to take a pic on race day so this is a reenactment on Sunday. I also was having difficulty get a full body shot.)

I finished the walk first with a time of its ok its a 12:54 pace. But along the way EVERY volunteer said I looked awesome! I am waiting to see if my pic is put up on their website for some action pics LOL. I got the biggest kick out of seeing the girls coming back to get me but then had to job to keep up with me. I was trying so hard not to break out into full racewalk because it hurt the ankle to do that.

After the race I came home and curled up with my kitties and may have fallen to sleep for about 2 hours!!

 Ziva has taken a liking to blending in with the old toys Bri has up on our shelf. (White thing at the end of the shelf is Ziva and yes we are watching Storage Wars!!)
 By the end of the day this is what our backyard looked like too!! Crazy for PA right now but have grown up near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario I have Trick or Treated in snow several times.
Now for Sunday....stay of my foot even more and watch Say Yes to the Dress all day.

QOTD: Which relaity shows do you watch?

I watch Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, Sing Off, Say yes to the Dress, Storage Wars....ect...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tid Bits

1. I have a Dr.s Apt with Sports Med on Monday. I have pain in one spot and swollen in another. I iced in several places last night but it hurt to walk around without shoes last night.

2. WE ARE ALL GOING CRAZY AT SCHOOL!! First it is supposed to snow here soon in PA. Second Halloween is coming up so every kids can't stop talking about their costume.

3.I really want to run this weekend but I know to not try. So I might just walk it if I can find someone to walk it with me. Or sign up for the run and walk so I can jog to the finish.....I have a hard time signing up for the walk!

Anyone else going crazy with the weather change? Snow already at your place??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ouch filled Wednesday

 All I can say is that it has gotten to the point where I think I may need it looked at but I still do not want to. I noticed that it is swollen and and there is more pain just from walking around at work. Ugh...not sure if taking it easy on running will be enough or if I have to see a doctor..ideas, thoughts anyone??

As I was icing these two were walking above me. If you look very carefully you can see the rope around the chimney they used to scale further up the roof. They were trying to seal up some spots that have been leaking before the weather gets real wet. Sounds like lots of fun to me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not guilty

I have nothing new or exciting to share. I have been doing nothing but work since Monday began. School is crazy right now with a lot of parent meetings. GOTR was great last night as we discussed bullying. I came home and got right on my school computer to finish up the prep for the kids rainforest research project.

So I will leave you to what I came home to last night.

Aren't we cute Momma? I am only holding her still....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monster Dash recap and a great day

Well I was really hoping to run this race with one of my GOTR girls but her dad showed up to report that she had been up all night sick to her stomach. I was also up throughout the night with a MAJOR migraine. Bri was up with me making sure I was ok. I had to drink a nalgene bottle of Gatorade and take drugs before I was able to fall back asleep. So when I showed up and she wasn't there to run I contemplated cheering Amanda and Heather on and not running.

We got our packets easily but they gave me the wrong size shirt....bummer. This was the first year for this race and it was going well so far. Labeled well for parking and packet pickup. So I decided to run but see how I felt as my stomach was a tad bit upset.

We got started right at 9am as the guy used his iPhone to start the gun right at 9. We made the first turn and people started "saying aren't we supposed to turn right?" Yup the leader and most of us in the front turned right. UGH! People started yelling at the leaders to stop as Heather and I turned around and weaved through strollers and such to get back up front. Shortly after the mile mark I was thinking hmm I think Heather and I are 2nd and 3rd. I had no intentions of breaking away or falling back from her because I still do not want to run without one of them. Then a little later Heather asked if we were 2nd and 3rd. I looked back to see our gap on the next women and we had about 50yds. So we picked it up a little to open the gap. At the turn around we still held a nice gap. Around this time we made missed another wrong turn as the volunteers were at the wrong corner. Annoying! We then got to see where Manda was and she was doing great around 5/6th women!! Heather and I did whatever we could to just hold or placing and did not slow down or speed up. Close to the finish I told her to go through first. We finished 24:05ish 7:47 pace. I will take that on my first race racing back from the half and medical s***. My belly felt better because I think I pushed all the drainage out by the finish line. Heather and I turned around quickly to run Manda in who we saw just prior to the last turn. We got her to the finish line to get a FAST time for her!

Even with 2 wrong turns my GPS still said exactly 3.1 but my time might have been under 24 if I didn't have to get started again at the start line.

This was a race that people dressed up at. I had black wings in my car that I was going to wear if my GOTR girly showed up. But I still wore my cute little girls skirt that I got at Wally World.

(Thanks for the pic Heather that I stole from your blog!)

We all got a medal today too!

Us girls spent the rest of the day together for lunch, seeing Footloose, and a little shopping. I came home exhausted that I couldn't keep my eyes open. I feel asleep on the couch around 6pm and moved from the couch to bed at 8pm. 

This AM I was up around 7am got cleaning done and now at 9:30 am I have it all done and ready to relax with the kitties!!

QOTD: Ever show up sick to a race and then feel better by the time you are finished? Who has worn a costume to a race? What did you wear?

Friday, October 21, 2011

So behind on Tid BIts

Lets get caught up here....

1. I lost my first follower....what can you do? Nothing. I have read it from so many others that have a lot of followers. I don't even want to ask what I did to lose them. Moving on.

2. I am getting majorly overloaded at school as everyone is scrambling to get all the grades in the next few weeks. It sounds crazy but conferences are right before Thanksgiving and it sounds so close right now! With so many interruptions between now and then with Halloween parties, Red Ribbon week, Veterans Day, and also our GOTR community service project helping the flood victims. It is going to go by VERY fast.

3. Now a dilemma. I have not driven more than to work and back and short trips since my seizure. My family is doing a huge cousins picture when my Cousin comes home from Germany. It is Nov. 19th. I plan on making that my first long trip. I also have the Turkey Trot that morning. I LOVE THAT RACE! It is on the bike path and nice and smooth run. I told Bri I am doing both during that day and he said NO. well....I def see where he is coming from that it could be pushing it. Racing then driving 2hours home. Who knows how much my body can take yet. Ugh...I am just ready to get back into things and be able to do whatever whenever!!!

4. I have run 3 times this week. Twice with GOTR and once on the treadmill. When on the treadmill my kitty treid to join me! Scary that she ran over the treadmill as I was running!! Then stood right at the end of the belt. I was so worried her nose hairs were going to come off.

I have missed everyone this week and hope to get back to commenting. I am exactly 26 blog post behind!!

I am sorry if my post have been boring as well.

QOTD: Ever had to make a choice of not doing a race that you love??

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid week Blonde Moment

So this morning I had a rough start and could not get out of bed. Thanks to my little monster, who is finally feeling much better, she was a meowing alarm clock for the extra 30mins I stayed in bed.

All day I was off majorly. Could not complete one lesson correctly AT ALL. I have a group of kiddos whose names all start with A and I could not call the right kid by the correct name.

Finally it was time to head home but I had to stop at the store real quick. I was checking out at the self check out and the stupid scanner would not read my club card. I tried several times and turned to the lady and she was looking at me like I was crazy and said "Ummm that is a Weis card..." I was at Giant!!! I flat out told her I was a major blonde and needed to go home. Everyone around me heard or saw what I did too.

QOTD: Every try to use the wrong card at a store?? Now I can say that I did...DORK!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free stuff and race recap

Race: Round the Hills 5k Time: 27:55 place 1st in age group

Yesterday I got up ready to "Not be stupid!". I woke up around 5:30 am so I could still have my bowl of cereal and take my meds. I then lounged on the couch until 7:30am when it was time to go pick up Manda. We headed over to the race early so we could register. The weather....COLD and WINDY! I was down pouring between 5:30 am and 7am so I was hoping it was all done for the day.

This race was being held on a XC course that I used to coach for. So it was nice to get back out there since I knew the course real well. My plan for the day was to stick with Manda at whatever pace she chose to run. Our first mile was a 9:15 (my garmin was off from their mile markers the whole race). I Kept telling myself to settle in and stay with Manda though I really wanted to race this race. But I am still being cautious about not being with someone while running and how hard I want to push my body with the new meds.

The next mile had a long steep hill and it was really wet from the rain so we took our time and I was DETERMINED to get up that hill without stopping! So I was checking in with Manda the whole time telling her about holes and to try to get her breathing in check. We BOTH got up that darn hill!! Our 2nd mile was 9:49 and I was very happy with that.

With half a mile to go I separated from Manda and sprinted to the finish because it was flat then down hill. My last mile was an 8:24 with the last half mile all under 7min pace. Hmmm....Who knew I had that pace in me? Maybe I do and I just never do speed work so I don't see it EVER!!

I felt great at the finish and I knew I did work to get through that race even with out pushing my body too the extreme. Thank you Manda for joining me and getting me through the race as well!

Manada and I were chillin' (literally) at the awards and were not expecting anything but we both placed in our age groups!!! The other girl in our age group was around 5months pregnant!!! This race was great!

Next on the calendar is another fun run in costume with one of my girls on the run girlies this coming Saturday! Hoping to get her in around 35mins!!

After the race Manda and I hit Perkins and did some awesome shopping! As I have said before we just had a Kohls open up in town. I got a sweet gift card from my sister last weekend and it was burning in my pocket along with a 20% off coupon! Manda also hadn't been there yet. We found some great deals and I got a few things for $22. We also hit up Old Navy and got the best compression pants for $9!!!! You will see this soon!!

The best purchases of the day!
Under Armor Breast Cancer Run shirt from Dick's Sporting Goods!! On the back you can write who you run for!!
 We also went to Elite Feet in our local town and saw some arm sleeves. But then the owner was like I have some that I can give you for free! I was like score sure I will take them!!! Of course I went with black and pink. We walked out with four pair for "The Girls". I will tell you more soon when I try them out!

Overall a great day with Manda!! The boys did not have much luck hunting but hoping that they will get lucky one of these weekends.

QOTD: Have you ever got something for free? Do you run with people during races to push them?

Friday, October 14, 2011

All types of wrong with this..... fur baby Ziva drove first class today. She needed it after the week she has had. Monday was the declaw and spay as I had said before. She had some good days until yesterday. We noticed she was drooling BIG time and was not eating or drinking much. I called and talked to the girls at the vet and they thought maybe she just ate something. So I said I would monitor it over night and check back in if it was not getting better. When I got home from school it was still going on this afternoon. I called and get her right in. And this is how we traveled there! I promise we were at a stop light when I took this.

Diagnosis: She was not helping push out any possible "things" from the surgery and was just taking longer than usual to get through the recovery. So she received some fluids via shot and got more pain meds for the next 4 days. So hoping for the best.

Running....hmmmm....I took off a whole week because my shin was really starting to hurt when just walking around. I wore my Zensah calf sleeves all day long M-F. So far they feel good. At some point tonight I plan on getting on the treadmill. I am kinda waiting for the hunters to go outside so I have some privacy!! Also tomorrow I am running a 5k race. I am excited but also scared since I am not sure it my body wants to be pushed yet. I still have moments when the meds are still making me feel weird. Thankfully Manda will be right there by my side :)

Any other races going on?? I can't wait to read all the great race reports from the most awesome bloggers in the WORLD!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Successful Snacks and the baby is back!

Earlier this week I asked you opinion about great healthy snacks and I got some great responses! I started my day today with a bowl of granola/oats cereal. (did not get a pic of that I was trying to eat it quick before anyone else got into work) I did take a pic of the milk I had in addition and worked on it all morning.

For lunch (10:30am) I had greek yogurt with granola and a banana. Delicious!! It filled me up quick and I was able to also get work done during my lunch. 

Around 1:30 I had my first snack since I have to take my next medicine dosage at 2pm. I had some almonds with a water bottle.

Before I headed to Girls on the Run at 3:15 I ate half of this amazing Nature Valley bar. I was a little skeptical to try it but it was awesome! I will have the other half tomorrow.

I was so happy that I made it through today and never became nasty hungry monster. I did not snack on one bad thing. (no mini candy bars from the principals office!!) I also made it till 6pm before I was hungry for dinner. Thanks again for all your great ideas! I have more snacks to try tomorrow :)

In other news my kitty made it home from her long 2days at the vet. I did not take any nasty pics of her belly but let me just say she spread them wide while I was trying to eat my bagel at dinner. I was not able to finish.
She is currently curled up on my lap purring away (plus I gave her pain meds an hour ago!) She seems to be getting around pretty well for getting declawed and spayed all in one day. Now I am on watch to make sure it all looks good for the next few weeks.

QOTD: Pets....what do you have? Any good cat/dog stories out there? Both my cats carry around a beanie baby like it is their own kitten.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Fun

Well I made it through the less than 20 hour visit from my family (minus my dad). First we just hung out here because they had a 2hour+ drive here. They instantly feel in love with Ziva and wouldn't leave the house! So I gave Henry is Bday present since I missed his party.

Doesn't he make the best construction worker you have ever seen!!!

When I finally got them outside we went to the pond and practiced our rock throwing.

We also played a little lacrosse and Frisbee once Bri got home!

The biggest hit of the night was of course....the wagon ride behind the 4wheeler and a ride on the Kubota!

 The headsets were brand new that I bought for them. They are around loud tractors all the time and need kid sized ones! They worked perfectly!!
 Bri was facing us most of the time Because Henry was making the best noises the whole way :)

Henry would NOT go inside before he got the chance to drive the tractor. He let us know that Bri's tractor is smaller than Papa's (which is not really his it belongs to the guy he works for and it is a john deere)

Later on we had a campfire and Steve my brother in law helped me grill the hamburgers and hot dogs. Manda, Robyn and Ella came over too! Henry and Evie were so excited to see Ella again. They met at the marathon. I was so thankful they came over to spend some time with us all. I was a great blogger by then and had no clue where my camera ended up. So no night time pictures.

Overall it was a good weekend and went fast. This morning we went out to breakfast because Bri is sleeping to get ready to work tonight. We had a great breakfast and tried to walk around Williamsport a little. Unfortunately it was still cold and there was no sun yet so we didn't last long. So by 11am they were on the road. By 11:15 the cat and I were sound asleep. I slept until 2pm when they called to say they made it home!! I am very thankful that they traveled to see me for the first time because of my recent seizure it will be some time before I make the 2hour drive home to see them. (I can drive but I am not driving over 20minute travels)

One VERY tired worn out kitten from so many people to play with. I slept 3hours and she is now pushing 5hours.

QOTD: What were you up to this weekend? Feels weird to not have a race report but I will again soon!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello Friday Fitness Blog Hoppers! Happy Friday at last. So as I get more used to my new med increase and my body is coming back from this recent seizure I am feeling a lot more hungry about every 2-3hours. I have been having to bring more snacks with me to school to not be driving like a mad woman home to get something to eat.

The first few days I had my lunch pail empty by 11am and that was not good at all. So today I brought with me to space out a banana, yogurt, two 100 calorie packs and cheese stick. What did I learn from that....nothing was really heavy enough to last me long but they were all healthy and I felt better about eating them.  (yesterday I had leftover stuff crust pizza with me and that was it....I was the crazy hungry monster at 3pm! Plus I didn't feel good about what I ate.)

So over the next few days I really want to shop around and find more healthy snacks that are quick to eat and help me power through my afternoon. I foresee a trip to Sam's club!! (to some of you this is our Costco)

QOTD: What are some easy healthy snacks that you would recommend for a teacher who doesn't have much time to sit down??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tid Bits

Happy Thursday it the weekend yet??

Tid Bit day!!!

1. I ran again yesterday and besides slight pain in my shin I made it 2miles on the treadmill! I had lots of energy and paced really well. I increased pace every half mile and got down to 8min pace for the final kick in!! Hoping to do 2miles outside with Manda and Hey Hey on Friday :)

2. yesterday was also the best day I ahve had since I started my new meds! I had energy all the way until 9:30pm. I was able to drink a soda and not feel like crap too (which if you are a coffee drinker thnk how a glass of that makes you feel).

3. I made an appt for Ziva kitty to get spayed and declawed next week. I am nervous about that because she will have to be seperated from Kubbi for awhile and they are best buds right now! But they will get through it!!

4. Last but not least my family comes on Saturday YIPPPPEEE. Can't wait to post awesome pics of their visit!

Have a great day all!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Slow and steady

I did a lot of things today. First up was a half day of school. I went in and got lots of little things done and taught two lessons and done!

Next up my EEG. I wanted to take a pic I swear but I was embarrassed to ask the tech to take it for me. So I have a pic I stole from the internet.

But this is pretty much what I looked like. Did 20mins where I got to relax and nap. I am pretty sure I almost fell asleep because I heard my self do a sigh which I do all the time. After that I have to breath like I am running a hard hill for 3mins. Last are the worst....strobe lights ugh. The whole thing last about an hour with putting all the probed on and taking off. The tech was very nice and let me see what certain things look like. I got to see my brain waves for blinking, swallowing, eyes open, eyes closed and I clench my jaw a lot!

After that I should of gone to GOTR but I was exhausted and would be late. I also was having a bad hair day by then. So I headed home and got a jump start on dinner. (but we ran out of propane so we had to improvise) We had fresh venison steak and potatoes that Bri made on the stove top. It was still nice and tender.

Finally......I ran on the treadmill!!!! i knew I wanted to go short and slow. It was the first run since my seizure (9days). I did not get to do a shake out run after the half marathon so I knew it would be painful. I messaged Manda to let her know I was getting on a dangerous object and that I planned on only being 15mins. She was awesome and we texted the whole time and she promised if I took longer than 15mins she was coming right over. But I did neg. splits for my half miles (10min pace, 9:31pace, 9:00pace) so I finish 1.5mile in 14:34. Very happy with that!! My shin was stiff and I took ibprof. and iced it. :)

Yes 9days can make a difference!!! I was beat after 14mins.(sorry for bad iphone pic too)

Overall good start to the week and getting back into my groove slow and steady!

Have you ever taken a long break from running? Did it take awhile to get back into your groove?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


brings some of my favorite things!
This is how the kitties decided to help decorate today! Lay on top of it all! I got myself a spooky cat and a ghost cat in those decorations now!!

October also brings hunting season. ( I have pics but I will save you all from that graphic picture)

Last night we got home around 4:30pm which meant Bri still had a lot of time to get out on the first day of archery. When we had pulled in our driveway a buck was right there chilling out under the trees. Bri took a chance and after 45mins of getting ready he headed out to his tree stand. An hour later he came back in and guess what???? Yea that same buck walked right past his stand so he took the shot and got it!!! YEA!!! We need this meat we ran out of meat awhile ago but thank goodness his dad got a few deer last year.WhooHoo good way to start the season. Now if I could get a deer!! I have till November before I can hunt. I can't pull enough weight on my bow to do damage. So I wait for rifle season.

October also brings some new races for me this year. I am really hoping to get back into running after a rough week off. My leg was hurting a bit yesterday so I am ready to get out and test out my brain and legs. I have a half day tomorrow for my EEG so I should be able to get a run in early.

Races I am hoping to do this month:

Oct 15th Round the Hills 5k
Oct 22...dont know the details but know there is a race (fill me in Hey Hey)
Oct 29 YMCA Fall Festival 5k I can't wait to wear a costume!! Never done a costume before!!

What is your Oct looking like? Any costume races?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coming to you live from.....

Allentown PA! Yup I have traveled to a conference with Bri today. I was supposed to drive him but neither of us feels ready for a long drive by me yet. 

As he is in there getting his ear talked off I am finding my way around the town. I found Kohls, Walmart, Bon-Ton, Target and a million Dollar Generals. I had fun checking out all the different Halloween decorations but did not buy any! I need to see what I have at home before I buy anything else. It has been a year since I have seen it right? 

I did find some deals at Kohls! I didn't realize it was a scratch off coupon at checkout or I would have picked up some other things. i only got 15% off but it is more than I went in with. I love my deals at Kohls. Our new Kohls doesn't have great deals yet. I am waiting for it to get a clearance rack. 

One of my buys from kohls. It is long and I will wear it with either skinny jeans or leggings :)

Here is my set up as I wait for Bri to finish up.

Do you travel with loved ones to conferences? What do you look for in a new town? I always check out their walmart and target!