Monday, October 3, 2011

Slow and steady

I did a lot of things today. First up was a half day of school. I went in and got lots of little things done and taught two lessons and done!

Next up my EEG. I wanted to take a pic I swear but I was embarrassed to ask the tech to take it for me. So I have a pic I stole from the internet.

But this is pretty much what I looked like. Did 20mins where I got to relax and nap. I am pretty sure I almost fell asleep because I heard my self do a sigh which I do all the time. After that I have to breath like I am running a hard hill for 3mins. Last are the worst....strobe lights ugh. The whole thing last about an hour with putting all the probed on and taking off. The tech was very nice and let me see what certain things look like. I got to see my brain waves for blinking, swallowing, eyes open, eyes closed and I clench my jaw a lot!

After that I should of gone to GOTR but I was exhausted and would be late. I also was having a bad hair day by then. So I headed home and got a jump start on dinner. (but we ran out of propane so we had to improvise) We had fresh venison steak and potatoes that Bri made on the stove top. It was still nice and tender.

Finally......I ran on the treadmill!!!! i knew I wanted to go short and slow. It was the first run since my seizure (9days). I did not get to do a shake out run after the half marathon so I knew it would be painful. I messaged Manda to let her know I was getting on a dangerous object and that I planned on only being 15mins. She was awesome and we texted the whole time and she promised if I took longer than 15mins she was coming right over. But I did neg. splits for my half miles (10min pace, 9:31pace, 9:00pace) so I finish 1.5mile in 14:34. Very happy with that!! My shin was stiff and I took ibprof. and iced it. :)

Yes 9days can make a difference!!! I was beat after 14mins.(sorry for bad iphone pic too)

Overall good start to the week and getting back into my groove slow and steady!

Have you ever taken a long break from running? Did it take awhile to get back into your groove?


Julia said...

yay! so glad you are getting back into everything and feeling good! i took 3 weeks off this past march for foot pain. it was tough and discouraging to return at first but was worth it in the end! have a good week friend!

Cory Reese said...

Ugh, that testing doesn't sound too fun.

If I take a break, it usually takes me a bit to get back into the swing of things. The most important thing is to not rush it. Good luck!