Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free stuff and race recap

Race: Round the Hills 5k Time: 27:55 place 1st in age group

Yesterday I got up ready to "Not be stupid!". I woke up around 5:30 am so I could still have my bowl of cereal and take my meds. I then lounged on the couch until 7:30am when it was time to go pick up Manda. We headed over to the race early so we could register. The weather....COLD and WINDY! I was down pouring between 5:30 am and 7am so I was hoping it was all done for the day.

This race was being held on a XC course that I used to coach for. So it was nice to get back out there since I knew the course real well. My plan for the day was to stick with Manda at whatever pace she chose to run. Our first mile was a 9:15 (my garmin was off from their mile markers the whole race). I Kept telling myself to settle in and stay with Manda though I really wanted to race this race. But I am still being cautious about not being with someone while running and how hard I want to push my body with the new meds.

The next mile had a long steep hill and it was really wet from the rain so we took our time and I was DETERMINED to get up that hill without stopping! So I was checking in with Manda the whole time telling her about holes and to try to get her breathing in check. We BOTH got up that darn hill!! Our 2nd mile was 9:49 and I was very happy with that.

With half a mile to go I separated from Manda and sprinted to the finish because it was flat then down hill. My last mile was an 8:24 with the last half mile all under 7min pace. Hmmm....Who knew I had that pace in me? Maybe I do and I just never do speed work so I don't see it EVER!!

I felt great at the finish and I knew I did work to get through that race even with out pushing my body too the extreme. Thank you Manda for joining me and getting me through the race as well!

Manada and I were chillin' (literally) at the awards and were not expecting anything but we both placed in our age groups!!! The other girl in our age group was around 5months pregnant!!! This race was great!

Next on the calendar is another fun run in costume with one of my girls on the run girlies this coming Saturday! Hoping to get her in around 35mins!!

After the race Manda and I hit Perkins and did some awesome shopping! As I have said before we just had a Kohls open up in town. I got a sweet gift card from my sister last weekend and it was burning in my pocket along with a 20% off coupon! Manda also hadn't been there yet. We found some great deals and I got a few things for $22. We also hit up Old Navy and got the best compression pants for $9!!!! You will see this soon!!

The best purchases of the day!
Under Armor Breast Cancer Run shirt from Dick's Sporting Goods!! On the back you can write who you run for!!
 We also went to Elite Feet in our local town and saw some arm sleeves. But then the owner was like I have some that I can give you for free! I was like score sure I will take them!!! Of course I went with black and pink. We walked out with four pair for "The Girls". I will tell you more soon when I try them out!

Overall a great day with Manda!! The boys did not have much luck hunting but hoping that they will get lucky one of these weekends.

QOTD: Have you ever got something for free? Do you run with people during races to push them?


stochat said...

Wow great run!! You deserved a treat after that! I love Kohls and Old Navy!

Amanda said...

Ran in the arm sleeves and compression capri's tonight and LOVED both of them. Dad said I was kicking his butt on the run. I think I decided that a hilly course I have to wear the compressions because my legs don't feel tired when I wear them.

Julia said...

CONGRATS!!! on your awesome 5k!!!!!! you totally killed that last mile! way to go! love that shirt and the sleeves! you look great in both!

Jamie said...

awesome! love the sleeves... :)