Friday, October 21, 2011

So behind on Tid BIts

Lets get caught up here....

1. I lost my first follower....what can you do? Nothing. I have read it from so many others that have a lot of followers. I don't even want to ask what I did to lose them. Moving on.

2. I am getting majorly overloaded at school as everyone is scrambling to get all the grades in the next few weeks. It sounds crazy but conferences are right before Thanksgiving and it sounds so close right now! With so many interruptions between now and then with Halloween parties, Red Ribbon week, Veterans Day, and also our GOTR community service project helping the flood victims. It is going to go by VERY fast.

3. Now a dilemma. I have not driven more than to work and back and short trips since my seizure. My family is doing a huge cousins picture when my Cousin comes home from Germany. It is Nov. 19th. I plan on making that my first long trip. I also have the Turkey Trot that morning. I LOVE THAT RACE! It is on the bike path and nice and smooth run. I told Bri I am doing both during that day and he said NO. well....I def see where he is coming from that it could be pushing it. Racing then driving 2hours home. Who knows how much my body can take yet. Ugh...I am just ready to get back into things and be able to do whatever whenever!!!

4. I have run 3 times this week. Twice with GOTR and once on the treadmill. When on the treadmill my kitty treid to join me! Scary that she ran over the treadmill as I was running!! Then stood right at the end of the belt. I was so worried her nose hairs were going to come off.

I have missed everyone this week and hope to get back to commenting. I am exactly 26 blog post behind!!

I am sorry if my post have been boring as well.

QOTD: Ever had to make a choice of not doing a race that you love??

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fancy nancy said...

I lost a follower too this week. Wah....School is totally ramping up as well as the distractions. We have Homecoming this week too! Could someone drive you or meet you half way for the pic? I can see where you are coming from being ready to be back to yourself again but I also see your hubby's view of safety. Hang in there!!