Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Successful Snacks and the baby is back!

Earlier this week I asked you opinion about great healthy snacks and I got some great responses! I started my day today with a bowl of granola/oats cereal. (did not get a pic of that I was trying to eat it quick before anyone else got into work) I did take a pic of the milk I had in addition and worked on it all morning.

For lunch (10:30am) I had greek yogurt with granola and a banana. Delicious!! It filled me up quick and I was able to also get work done during my lunch. 

Around 1:30 I had my first snack since I have to take my next medicine dosage at 2pm. I had some almonds with a water bottle.

Before I headed to Girls on the Run at 3:15 I ate half of this amazing Nature Valley bar. I was a little skeptical to try it but it was awesome! I will have the other half tomorrow.

I was so happy that I made it through today and never became nasty hungry monster. I did not snack on one bad thing. (no mini candy bars from the principals office!!) I also made it till 6pm before I was hungry for dinner. Thanks again for all your great ideas! I have more snacks to try tomorrow :)

In other news my kitty made it home from her long 2days at the vet. I did not take any nasty pics of her belly but let me just say she spread them wide while I was trying to eat my bagel at dinner. I was not able to finish.
She is currently curled up on my lap purring away (plus I gave her pain meds an hour ago!) She seems to be getting around pretty well for getting declawed and spayed all in one day. Now I am on watch to make sure it all looks good for the next few weeks.

QOTD: Pets....what do you have? Any good cat/dog stories out there? Both my cats carry around a beanie baby like it is their own kitten.


Julia said...

love all the yummy snacks you are eating! and so glad your fur baby is doing well. my pup is just super independent. she always wants to do her own thing and acts like she owns the house. too bad she cant pay the bills then... ;)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Your cats carrying around beanie babies totally cracks me up! I used to have a cat that played fetch. She was so awesome. I still miss Daizy Mae.

fancy nancy said...

Great job on the eating!!! I also love greek plain yogurt with a scoop of protein powder! Yum!!

Carrie said...

Awesome snacks! Hilarious about your cats and their beanie babies. Too funny. I had a dog once that had a baby duck toy (introduced by her breeder), she loved that thing and we had to replace it a few times it got so nasty.

Sara said...

Your cat is precious! I have two dogs, but I love dogs and cats about the same. I had a cat growing up, but now I can't have a cat because my husband is deathly allergic to them.

Great snack ideas! Thank you for sharing them!

Jamie said...

i am the worst snacker! i have to remember to eat too. man o man.. but i love the sweet and salty granola bars too! (plus, there is ALWAYS coupons...)

:) my cat Pepper thinks she's a dog. scratches at the door to go out and come back in, barely uses the litter box. (hey, i'm not complaining!) and she's very lovey on me. they seriously can read your minds!