Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend in photos and little talk

Friday I was asleep by 9pm...literally could not keep my eyes open. I was so excited Bri got another deer I need to get some sleep.

Got up early to join the Girls, Hey Hey, Manda and Robyn for a 5K. I was the ONLY one who wore a cute outfit out of all 35 people who ran or walked. Guess the rain and cold deterred people from HAVING FUN! Well I am injured and could only do the 5K walk so I made the best of it! (I forgot to take a pic on race day so this is a reenactment on Sunday. I also was having difficulty get a full body shot.)

I finished the walk first with a time of its ok its a 12:54 pace. But along the way EVERY volunteer said I looked awesome! I am waiting to see if my pic is put up on their website for some action pics LOL. I got the biggest kick out of seeing the girls coming back to get me but then had to job to keep up with me. I was trying so hard not to break out into full racewalk because it hurt the ankle to do that.

After the race I came home and curled up with my kitties and may have fallen to sleep for about 2 hours!!

 Ziva has taken a liking to blending in with the old toys Bri has up on our shelf. (White thing at the end of the shelf is Ziva and yes we are watching Storage Wars!!)
 By the end of the day this is what our backyard looked like too!! Crazy for PA right now but have grown up near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario I have Trick or Treated in snow several times.
Now for Sunday....stay of my foot even more and watch Say Yes to the Dress all day.

QOTD: Which relaity shows do you watch?

I watch Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, Sing Off, Say yes to the Dress, Storage Wars....ect...

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Jamie said...

Does HGTV and Food Network count? I'm addicted to pretty much all the shows on those stations.