Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sesame Street Live

Last night the Aunties took Ella to see Sesame Street Live and she loved it! She "sang" and she DANCED! She would say and sign more music! It was a blast!

Here she is doing the Hula!

After the show around 9pm I got on the treadmill to do just one mile for the RW running streak. I am staying with this no matter how late or how tired I am!

QOD: Have you tried any all natural things for cleansing? I am trying out apple cider vinegar clue how it will taste but I have heard good things about it for energy and bloating.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running Streak

I have decided to give the Runner's World running streak a shot since I am done with work in....well 5 more full days and 2 half days :)!!!!

I started yesterday morning with a nice 3.4 garmin...bright and early. I figured it was predicted to be in the 90s here in PA so I got up around 7:30 to get the run in. Well I was drenched by the end of the run and hyperventilating! So def getting up earlier next time!! (Trying to see how many times I can use !!! today :) )

So let's back it up here....This WEEKEND!

I traveled home to Rochester on Friday to spend sometime with my neice and nephew (mostly my nephew). Saturday I was on babysitting duty for my nephew bc my BIL was doing yard work with a tractor and when it comes to John Deeres you can not keep my nephew away....

Here is what happens all day

So I kidnapped him and took him to the Erie Canal to walk and get ice cream

Super Hero Ice cream was Awesome!

We then hit up the playground that was empty.

It was a great day and I was so glad I got to go home and get that one on one time with him :)

I also spent some quality time with my sister. We went to Chernobyl Diaries on Friday night and hit up the public market on Saturday morning.....CROWDED!!! I am not into crowds that big and mean people with strollers and carts.

But most of all I hit the trails while home. I ventured back to my high school XC course that is in a local park. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!! I also came across some of these guys. It is that time of year for them I guess! They were in the road when I drove in then on the course the closer I got to the swamp/pond area. I did not even think it was a snapping turtle and that they are dangerous when I got close for the pic but hey I made it out of there with both legs! :) My run was amazing and hard. My ankles took a beating and were sore the next day but i want to hit the trails again ASAP! I miss them and they are calling me!

Who else runs trails often? Do you roll your ankles a lot or do they get stronger the more you run them? I guess in HS bc it is all I ran I never was sore there but now all I run is road so they are weak.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tid Bits

Here are more pics of my weekend with GOTR and a Bridal shower I went to!

Amanda and the girl she buddied up with :)

The race crew Ms Pat, Myself and Michelle

The girls!!

Me talking about the course...BLAH

Manda and her girl running strong!!


Bridal shower!

The best cake!! Red velvet with cream cheese did start to melt a little but still tasted great!

Gifts...oh and she didn't open mine she missed it somehow LOL
The Bride-to-Be
The Family!

Overall Great weekend and looking forward to a great holiday weekend!

Teachers out there how many days do you have left?? We are down to 9 but in that there are 2 half days!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Pinned Image


I am bringing back the fun! Think I found what I need and I will run it naked with a smile on my face!! Update coming soon once I dare to register....

Go out someday this garminless and enjoy your surroundings :) Smile for all your blessing

Sunday, May 20, 2012

GOTR 5k in pics

GOTR 5k went great and awesome weather!! Thanks again to all the help from Manda for being a running buddy, Mister for being our DJ and putting up with Camp rock music and High school musical and dud for taking pics and helping me at the finish line!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Keep going

Pinned Image

This is all I said to two blisters on my feet yesterday! I put them there of course...running without socks 2 days ago. They weren't going to keep me from running an easy run yesterday!

Idol.....who are you voting for to win?  PHILLIP!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy week

1.  We are still getting emails with pictures from the National Walk for Epilepsy. This is our group photo from the finish line!

The latest email said that out of the 5,000 participants over $900,000 was raised!!! Amazing :)

2. My run yesterday was has been raining like crazy in PA these past few weeks so the path at the park was a little muddy. Though that wasn't the hardest thing...I forgot socks!!

A nasty blister burned at the 2.9mark...I walked back to the car without my sneakers on. (oh and I still have the scar on my ankle from my timing chip from the half marathon)

3. I am ready for the GOTR 5k that I am putting on this weekend...Plus I am ready for it to be done with. We have been planning it since December and it was a lot of work for a small race. I hope the girls have fun!!

QOTD: Who saw NCIS last night?? I will not spoil it but NO WAY is all I have to say to that!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day!!

Today for me is Fur Momma's Day. I received a morning of sleeping in without a kitty attack!! It was amazing:)

My mom will be receiving a beautiful diamond cross this afternoon from my sisters and I!!
Yesterday I spent some time with a new momma! My friend LELE lives out by Hershey and I go there this time of year with bri when he has a conference! So I got to meet Eliot!! Isn't he something!!

Car ride pit stop for lunch since he slept through our lunch
He loved the phone when he could see himself           

Lunch at this awesome place where there were too many things I wanted!
went with pulled pork, sweet wings, apples and coleslaw(too much pepper for me)

Very entertaining on the ride home!

Lost his clothes as soon as we got back home :)

gifts for the momma, bubble bath, nail polish, and other stuff to pamper herself

How did you celebrate mother's day???

Thursday, May 10, 2012


1. I can not get this marathon out of my brain. I am not ready to run for fun yet but I can't completely cross it off my to do list just yet. It is not until September and I can't rule it out yet. Last night Manda made me leave my Garmin at home even though I wanted it just to mark distance. The run felt great no pressure for how far we were or fast we were going. We felt the burn for sure and completed more than we thought and faster than we thought. 4.7 miles in 44mins. So my decision will be made closer to Sept.

2. It is crazy at work right now. We have been assessing the whole building since last week. I have gone home everyday this week and have fallen asleep for about an hour. I am glad that I took tomorrow off from work my brain needs the break.

3. Saturday Brian and I are headed to Hershey. He has a conference and I will be spending some time with my awesome friend LeLe and her little one Elliot! I have not met him yet so I can not wait!! I was told I am not allowed to spoil him with gifts either.....GRRR!

OK....back to work.....DATA DATA DATA!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where to next.....

Well I have done a lot of thinking since this half marathon this past weekend. As soon as I crossed the finish line I boldly said I am done with distance races. The family with me laughed but also said I need to back off until I am having fun again. I did not smile ONCE during this race, not even kidding! I have not registered for my planned marathon in September that I do back home so my folks can watch me. I did it last year and did the half for two years prior. 

But when you lose the glamour and giggles what does a girl do? I am absolutely not following any training plan. I run to run and relax not pacing nothing.

So my ideas so far
1. I want to try to switch my watch so I do not see pace anymore during the run. I need to back off running for time and run by feel. Just let my legs breathe for awhile.

2. Run with as many running buddies as possible. These past few months I was doing our Friday runs and a few Sunday runs with friends but the week was long when I did runs on my own and I want to do that less.

3. Keep my mind open. Not saying no to distances but know that I am not registered so I am not serious right now. TRANSLATION ( There is no cap or deadline on the marathon in September....if I don't do the full I can do the half or nothing at all)


5. Weight lifting needs to increase. For 2 weeks now I have not gone to the gym and I can tell. It needs to happen!


7. I have a lot of work to do to get out of my head. Practice mantras....write stuff on my hands...practice listening to music more....IDK I need suggestions here.

So I need to keep myself in one else is to keep me from being to serious just myself! So let the PARTY BEGIN ALL!!!!!

PS> Thanks for all your prayers for DJ everyone. The family got to see him open his eyes last night and it is all just a miracle.

Monday, May 7, 2012


This is ..we will call him D.J. His mom was only 25 weeks along when he was born. He weighs 1 lb 9 ounces. He is in NICU right now and doing well. He has older brothers Nate and Sam as well so the parents will be busy these next few months. He has a long road ahead of him so I am just asking for prayers for him, his parents and siblings.