Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day!!

Today for me is Fur Momma's Day. I received a morning of sleeping in without a kitty attack!! It was amazing:)

My mom will be receiving a beautiful diamond cross this afternoon from my sisters and I!!
Yesterday I spent some time with a new momma! My friend LELE lives out by Hershey and I go there this time of year with bri when he has a conference! So I got to meet Eliot!! Isn't he something!!

Car ride pit stop for lunch since he slept through our lunch
He loved the phone when he could see himself           

Lunch at this awesome place where there were too many things I wanted!
went with pulled pork, sweet wings, apples and coleslaw(too much pepper for me)

Very entertaining on the ride home!

Lost his clothes as soon as we got back home :)

gifts for the momma, bubble bath, nail polish, and other stuff to pamper herself

How did you celebrate mother's day???

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Jamie Campbell said...

Awesome! That baby is so cute! :)

I spent time with my family & Lj. :)