Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where to next.....

Well I have done a lot of thinking since this half marathon this past weekend. As soon as I crossed the finish line I boldly said I am done with distance races. The family with me laughed but also said I need to back off until I am having fun again. I did not smile ONCE during this race, not even kidding! I have not registered for my planned marathon in September that I do back home so my folks can watch me. I did it last year and did the half for two years prior. 

But when you lose the glamour and giggles what does a girl do? I am absolutely not following any training plan. I run to run and relax not pacing nothing.

So my ideas so far
1. I want to try to switch my watch so I do not see pace anymore during the run. I need to back off running for time and run by feel. Just let my legs breathe for awhile.

2. Run with as many running buddies as possible. These past few months I was doing our Friday runs and a few Sunday runs with friends but the week was long when I did runs on my own and I want to do that less.

3. Keep my mind open. Not saying no to distances but know that I am not registered so I am not serious right now. TRANSLATION ( There is no cap or deadline on the marathon in September....if I don't do the full I can do the half or nothing at all)


5. Weight lifting needs to increase. For 2 weeks now I have not gone to the gym and I can tell. It needs to happen!


7. I have a lot of work to do to get out of my head. Practice mantras....write stuff on my hands...practice listening to music more....IDK I need suggestions here.

So I need to keep myself in check...no one else is to keep me from being to serious just myself! So let the PARTY BEGIN ALL!!!!!

PS> Thanks for all your prayers for DJ everyone. The family got to see him open his eyes last night and it is all just a miracle.

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Jamie Campbell said...

maybe try running without the garmin? just have fun. :)