Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running Streak

I have decided to give the Runner's World running streak a shot since I am done with work in....well 5 more full days and 2 half days :)!!!!

I started yesterday morning with a nice 3.4 miles...no garmin...bright and early. I figured it was predicted to be in the 90s here in PA so I got up around 7:30 to get the run in. Well I was drenched by the end of the run and hyperventilating! So def getting up earlier next time!! (Trying to see how many times I can use !!! today :) )

So let's back it up here....This WEEKEND!

I traveled home to Rochester on Friday to spend sometime with my neice and nephew (mostly my nephew). Saturday I was on babysitting duty for my nephew bc my BIL was doing yard work with a tractor and when it comes to John Deeres you can not keep my nephew away....

Here is what happens all day

So I kidnapped him and took him to the Erie Canal to walk and get ice cream

Super Hero Ice cream was Awesome!

We then hit up the playground that was empty.

It was a great day and I was so glad I got to go home and get that one on one time with him :)

I also spent some quality time with my sister. We went to Chernobyl Diaries on Friday night and hit up the public market on Saturday morning.....CROWDED!!! I am not into crowds that big and mean people with strollers and carts.

But most of all I hit the trails while home. I ventured back to my high school XC course that is in a local park. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!! I also came across some of these guys. It is that time of year for them I guess! They were in the road when I drove in then on the course the closer I got to the swamp/pond area. I did not even think it was a snapping turtle and that they are dangerous when I got close for the pic but hey I made it out of there with both legs! :) My run was amazing and hard. My ankles took a beating and were sore the next day but i want to hit the trails again ASAP! I miss them and they are calling me!

Who else runs trails often? Do you roll your ankles a lot or do they get stronger the more you run them? I guess in HS bc it is all I ran I never was sore there but now all I run is road so they are weak.

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fancy nancy said...

I'm too much of a scardey cat to do trails!