Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick race recap

Morning everyone! I join you as I am relaxing bright and early with as much compression on, icy hot and dog sitting the best dog ever! I took on a walk and 2 mins in she found a deer antler! Cool!

So the race yesterday was Hard! I was not prepared for that hard of a 13.1 miles. I have run long runs with some hills but not enough. I was in my head the whole time yelling at myself to move but I just couldn't. I had two awesome ladies join me for big parts of the race too. The tried their hardest to help me but I couldn't block out the pain in my body.

So from the beginning, I woke up ready and tried to eat but couldn't. I have had this issue for says now. I am waking up with a running nose and I can't eat more than a few bites. It got me all worked up that I won't do well bc I didn't eat. So I was all ready negative talking.

We headed down and got there with plenty of time to hit up the potties twice (there were 8 potties for 600 people!). Before I knew it we were off.

My plan after looking at the elevation map was a steady 8:24pace. Well first mile was 8:04 second 8:12. Heather met me at 1.5 and watched pace for me. I got it better by mile 3-4. I parted with Heather at mile 4.5 and took off up the bitch of a hill. It went up from 4.5 until 6.7. It was hard people. I stopped looking at my watch at this point. I couldn't run up it that fast but I was NOT going to walk!

I finally saw some half marathon people coming back so I knew I had to be near the top. I saw manda, dud and mister up ahead waiting for me too!! Manda jumped in with me with fresh legs and I was right back to negative thoughts that I couldn't keep up. But there was down hill coming up! Ok so when you go up a short steep hill you really feel the down hill but I did not feel any down hill here!
My thutt was so tight from the angled pavement and my stomach was bubbling every two minutes I was not having fun. Manda was great she talked to me.. Tried to get me to drink lots and take chews. I would say no but a minute later after an inner debate I would ask for them(I did carry my handheld which soon got very heavy. Heather and manda carried it when they ran with me).

We soon made it back to where I left heather and once again I said oh shit she has fresh legs she is going to kill me. They did their best to get me out of my head but I was a gonner. I was still stuck on the hill and how bad it was.
Manda stopped at 2.5 water station to wait for her friends to come through and heather got me to the finish. I always fight her when we run. She was yelling start kicking and I would yell not yet!! Well I should of listened I got past right at the line by another girl.
My goal was way more than I could pull off. I have ran better times but with how hard it was I am ok with it.
Here are my stats
10th out of 45 in my age group
53 out of 246 women

Not bad for a come back race post stress fracture.
Pros no pain in my shin
Had great friends and supporters the whole time.
I beat my OBGYN and his wife!!!
Cons: my stomach and thutt pain
I carried to much stuff and think it threw off my form

Hopefully more race pics to come from their website but I can guarantee they will be worst photos ever and be sent to Skinnyrunner for her collection.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?


Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Great job with a tough race, bet it felt good to race again even with thutt issues

Jamie Campbell said...

hahaha. yeah i feel yeah on the race photos. haven't gotten mine yet...

glad you did okay, sorry it was such a tough race for ya! but you finished. :)