Thursday, May 10, 2012


1. I can not get this marathon out of my brain. I am not ready to run for fun yet but I can't completely cross it off my to do list just yet. It is not until September and I can't rule it out yet. Last night Manda made me leave my Garmin at home even though I wanted it just to mark distance. The run felt great no pressure for how far we were or fast we were going. We felt the burn for sure and completed more than we thought and faster than we thought. 4.7 miles in 44mins. So my decision will be made closer to Sept.

2. It is crazy at work right now. We have been assessing the whole building since last week. I have gone home everyday this week and have fallen asleep for about an hour. I am glad that I took tomorrow off from work my brain needs the break.

3. Saturday Brian and I are headed to Hershey. He has a conference and I will be spending some time with my awesome friend LeLe and her little one Elliot! I have not met him yet so I can not wait!! I was told I am not allowed to spoil him with gifts either.....GRRR!

OK....back to work.....DATA DATA DATA!!!

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Faithful Leigh said...

HAHAHAHA You really want to spoil him, don't you. LOL