Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tid Bits

Here are more pics of my weekend with GOTR and a Bridal shower I went to!

Amanda and the girl she buddied up with :)

The race crew Ms Pat, Myself and Michelle

The girls!!

Me talking about the course...BLAH

Manda and her girl running strong!!


Bridal shower!

The best cake!! Red velvet with cream cheese did start to melt a little but still tasted great!

Gifts...oh and she didn't open mine she missed it somehow LOL
The Bride-to-Be
The Family!

Overall Great weekend and looking forward to a great holiday weekend!

Teachers out there how many days do you have left?? We are down to 9 but in that there are 2 half days!

1 comment:

fancy nancy said...

16 1/2....and counting!!!!

The GOTR event looks so fun! I have been trying to convince my nieces to do one!!