Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid week Blonde Moment

So this morning I had a rough start and could not get out of bed. Thanks to my little monster, who is finally feeling much better, she was a meowing alarm clock for the extra 30mins I stayed in bed.

All day I was off majorly. Could not complete one lesson correctly AT ALL. I have a group of kiddos whose names all start with A and I could not call the right kid by the correct name.

Finally it was time to head home but I had to stop at the store real quick. I was checking out at the self check out and the stupid scanner would not read my club card. I tried several times and turned to the lady and she was looking at me like I was crazy and said "Ummm that is a Weis card..." I was at Giant!!! I flat out told her I was a major blonde and needed to go home. Everyone around me heard or saw what I did too.

QOTD: Every try to use the wrong card at a store?? Now I can say that I did...DORK!

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Julia said...

YES!!! omg. this is not sooooo related. but on Sunday at the gas station I was just buying ONE water. the lady told me the amount and I sat there counting out change for like 10 minutes. I had it to her and somehow STILL gave her like 75 extra cents. that was embarrassing. haha.