Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coming to you live from.....

Allentown PA! Yup I have traveled to a conference with Bri today. I was supposed to drive him but neither of us feels ready for a long drive by me yet. 

As he is in there getting his ear talked off I am finding my way around the town. I found Kohls, Walmart, Bon-Ton, Target and a million Dollar Generals. I had fun checking out all the different Halloween decorations but did not buy any! I need to see what I have at home before I buy anything else. It has been a year since I have seen it right? 

I did find some deals at Kohls! I didn't realize it was a scratch off coupon at checkout or I would have picked up some other things. i only got 15% off but it is more than I went in with. I love my deals at Kohls. Our new Kohls doesn't have great deals yet. I am waiting for it to get a clearance rack. 

One of my buys from kohls. It is long and I will wear it with either skinny jeans or leggings :)

Here is my set up as I wait for Bri to finish up.

Do you travel with loved ones to conferences? What do you look for in a new town? I always check out their walmart and target!


XLMIC said...

While my husband doesn't go to conferences, he does drive a lot in his line of work. Before we had kids, I used to love going with him for his day :)

stochat said...

I love Kohls!!! It's like my favorite store!!!!!