Friday, October 14, 2011

All types of wrong with this..... fur baby Ziva drove first class today. She needed it after the week she has had. Monday was the declaw and spay as I had said before. She had some good days until yesterday. We noticed she was drooling BIG time and was not eating or drinking much. I called and talked to the girls at the vet and they thought maybe she just ate something. So I said I would monitor it over night and check back in if it was not getting better. When I got home from school it was still going on this afternoon. I called and get her right in. And this is how we traveled there! I promise we were at a stop light when I took this.

Diagnosis: She was not helping push out any possible "things" from the surgery and was just taking longer than usual to get through the recovery. So she received some fluids via shot and got more pain meds for the next 4 days. So hoping for the best.

Running....hmmmm....I took off a whole week because my shin was really starting to hurt when just walking around. I wore my Zensah calf sleeves all day long M-F. So far they feel good. At some point tonight I plan on getting on the treadmill. I am kinda waiting for the hunters to go outside so I have some privacy!! Also tomorrow I am running a 5k race. I am excited but also scared since I am not sure it my body wants to be pushed yet. I still have moments when the meds are still making me feel weird. Thankfully Manda will be right there by my side :)

Any other races going on?? I can't wait to read all the great race reports from the most awesome bloggers in the WORLD!

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Sarah Grecco said...

Your cat is so calm!!! My cat would be going nuts and walk around sniffing everything. Or barfing...he gets car sick.....

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