Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Fun

Well I made it through the less than 20 hour visit from my family (minus my dad). First we just hung out here because they had a 2hour+ drive here. They instantly feel in love with Ziva and wouldn't leave the house! So I gave Henry is Bday present since I missed his party.

Doesn't he make the best construction worker you have ever seen!!!

When I finally got them outside we went to the pond and practiced our rock throwing.

We also played a little lacrosse and Frisbee once Bri got home!

The biggest hit of the night was of course....the wagon ride behind the 4wheeler and a ride on the Kubota!

 The headsets were brand new that I bought for them. They are around loud tractors all the time and need kid sized ones! They worked perfectly!!
 Bri was facing us most of the time Because Henry was making the best noises the whole way :)

Henry would NOT go inside before he got the chance to drive the tractor. He let us know that Bri's tractor is smaller than Papa's (which is not really his it belongs to the guy he works for and it is a john deere)

Later on we had a campfire and Steve my brother in law helped me grill the hamburgers and hot dogs. Manda, Robyn and Ella came over too! Henry and Evie were so excited to see Ella again. They met at the marathon. I was so thankful they came over to spend some time with us all. I was a great blogger by then and had no clue where my camera ended up. So no night time pictures.

Overall it was a good weekend and went fast. This morning we went out to breakfast because Bri is sleeping to get ready to work tonight. We had a great breakfast and tried to walk around Williamsport a little. Unfortunately it was still cold and there was no sun yet so we didn't last long. So by 11am they were on the road. By 11:15 the cat and I were sound asleep. I slept until 2pm when they called to say they made it home!! I am very thankful that they traveled to see me for the first time because of my recent seizure it will be some time before I make the 2hour drive home to see them. (I can drive but I am not driving over 20minute travels)

One VERY tired worn out kitten from so many people to play with. I slept 3hours and she is now pushing 5hours.

QOTD: What were you up to this weekend? Feels weird to not have a race report but I will again soon!

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XLMIC said...

That kitty pic is how I feel right about now :)

Looks like your kids had a blast on the tractors... so much fun! Hope all is going well on the health front.

This weekend I traveled to Long Beach and ran the half marathon there ... woo hooo :P