Friday, September 30, 2011

When should I?

If you have been following me this week you would knowI have had a rough week. I still have not run and I was wondering when should I? I felt like I tiger stuck in a cage this morning. I don't know when I should try to run. I know that if I do I won't be on my own or I will use the treadmill.

I still feel like crap but I think it is because I have not used my energy up like my body is used to. UGH.

I also called my parents this morning and talked to my nephew...he asked if I was sick. How cute is that!! I told him yes and he is coming next weekend to visit. I was not able to go home for his birthday party and feel so bad. My sister explained to my neice and nephew why I wasn't there and why they are visiting me. I can not wait to see them and show them around PA!! They saw our house before we moved in.

QOTD: Has your family seen your house?  It has been 2-3 years and mine hasn't visited!!!


fancy nancy said...

Take it easy...maybe give yourself grace to start fresh on Monday? My parents live relatively close but don't visit a ton. How exciting to have your family coming soon!!!

Sara said...

If you feel crappy still - take some time to rest. Maybe through the weekend? Can you get out and at least take a walk or do some stretching? I know that helps me feel better a lot of the time.

I'm glad you are okay and still sending warm thoughts your way!

jillconyers said...

I agree. If you still feel like crap a little more rest might be what you need.

Most of my family have never visited since we moved to Ohio almost 5 years ago and we're closer to them. That's a whole blog post in itself LOL

Feel better soon!

Jamie said...

I would wait until the meds stop making you feel like crap...

maybe Monday or Tuesday?

Go to bed early tonight & tomorrow. :)