Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Charlie Horse and Race recap

It was a very good long weekend around here minus the nonstop rain and some worrisome pain.

Friday night I was woken up by a SEVER charlie horse in my calf. I was screaming for several minutes because it hurt so bad. It took hours to finally fall back to sleep. I woke up and about fell right over. My leg was so stiff I could barely walk. After moving around a bit it loosened up but it was still sore. I was really worried about my calf being hurt with my marathon not more then 2 weeks away. I ate 2 bananas and took ibprofen to help out a bit. Sunday it was still bothering me...if I flexed my calf it would spasm. We spent the day at a 2yr old's bday and I tried to walk around as much as possible to keep it loose.

Monday AM was race day. This is a 5k we always do as a family. I had texted Manda Sunday night letting her know about my calf and how unsure I was about actually racing. I really didn't want to do ANYTHING to ruin my marathon chances. I got up and around and it was just a tiny pain but not as bad as it was. I put on the trusty Zensah calf sleeves and headed out the door.

I really wanted to race this race hard if I could but I made the decision to run a good race but don't run myself to the ground. I went out in the first mile in 7:52(it is all uphill too). The second mile is rolling hills that I completed in 7:32. At the 2mile mark we turn around and head down the hills we just came up. As I was approaching mile 2 I was able to count that I was the 7th women overall. I was happy with that. I could barely see the women ahead of me so I knew I wouldn't catch her. I also had a comfy gap behind me but I knew Hey Hey was VERY capable of pushing it down the hill and get me as well as Robyn!!! So the last mile I picked it up a iny bit and stayed with a group of 5 guys. One actually told me I had him beat when I was able to say hi to a volunteer I knew. But being able to talk was what I wanted! I did mile three in 7:28 and the last .98 in 7:06. My final time was 23:35 7th women and 1st in my age group.

Hey Hey came in very shortly after pushing one of her former students to the finish line. It was one of the only times I have seen a girl with longer legs then Hey Hey and beat her kick!!

Robyn also had a great finish!! Dud came in next pushing Ella.....everyone you must understand how long the hills are on this course. He was the ONLY stroller pusher out there that day!

Manda also had a strong finish kicking right past one of my students mother!

Overall my legs held it together for the race. My shin in my other leg gave me a little grief afterwards but I think i was changing my form trying not to aggravate my calf. So i iced up really good afterwards and headed to a rainy picnic!

It was a great weekend with lots of visiting friends and family. Next weekend is Manda's wedding weekend then the next is BDAY /MARATHON weekend!! WHOOHOO September is flying by!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great race--glad you were able to run it and still be ok with your calf!

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

Nice job on the race!!

Julia said...

sounds like a great race! and glad your leg is feeling okay!

Katie said...

AHhhhhh you poor thing - a charlie horse is the WORST!!!!