Sunday, September 11, 2011

The weekend and the countdown.....

What a began Friday afternoon when I rushed out of the school building with out a thought of thinking about it till Monday AM. I headed over to get nails did with the girls....did I take any pics nope. I sat in the pedi chair without getting a pedicure but had the seat on to massage my back. It was a joyous 30mins.

Then....I did final touches at the cabin before it turned into a Bachlor party pad. Bri and I picked up the food for the rehersal dinner and headed to the firehall to decorate. It was a good time until this happened.....

I guess ONE sip of wine is not good for me. Yea no smile burned like a sunburn and it was worse then this...this is after drinking one water bottle and 10mins. An allergic reaction to red wine or reaction to my meds who knows. But I lived it was just scary.

So that night we got the place decorated, the seating figured out then headed back to the town house to relax since it was already 11:30pm. We did a few gifts for the bride and went to bed.

Morning came quick. Everyone got up and around and the bridal party headed to get hair done. Amy (who was a great help that day) and I went to do final touches on things at the firehall and get the snacks ready.

Then it was time for the shin-dig to begin. Amy and I attacked the grooms car and decorated it and I got to work with my guest book attending :)

It was a beautiful wedding and great day after a rough week with flooding and other issues. Happy New Life together Mr and Mrs!!!


Now to the countdown.....6days until my marathon!!! YIKES. Yes VERY nervous. I really want to stick to my pace and PR. It is my second marathon so I am no pro at how to do this. Hoping I have a stress free week at school so i don't have a Stress-A-Beth moment before this marathon!

P.S. Girls on the Run begins tomorrow so i will have lots more running with 3rd-5th graders stories again!


Jamie said...

best of luck with your marathon! you will do great. i'm so sorry to see your allergic reaction to wine. :( eeeek!

jillconyers said...

Sorry about the allergic reaction.

8 days!! How exciting. Good luck with your pace and PR. I'm sure you're going to do great. I run my second marathon in about 26 days...Chicago!

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing and stress free week!

Julia said...

6 days!?!?!?!?!?! eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! so exciting!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

ouch on the face and good luck on the marathon, can't wait to read how you do! You are going to do awesome!