Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flood day and pictures

Workout: 4.5miles with progressively getting faster miles.

I had to do my run on the treadmill today since I AM HOME ON A FLOOD DAY. Yup you read that right I did not have school today. We will already have to make up a day and we are not even 2weeks into the year. Ugh. So when I got home last night I found this in the living room.

We had a little leak of course dripping right next to the T.V.

 So to help dry things out Bri started a SEPTEEMBER! This is craziness!

 Here is a pic of the road about 7miles from here. It is a road I ran on last weekend for my 20miler.

Ever had to deal with a flood before? Any stories of crazy reasons you got a day off from school?

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Jamie said...

Our schools were out on Friday as well. My son was so upset... thought I was sending him back to pre-K! LOL poor guy.. he loves Kindergarten so much. My side of the county didn't get hit so hard, but some streets were still flooded. They closed parks too... crazy! But, by the end of the day, the sun was out.