Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tid Bits

1. You know you are really tired when cats wrestling on your back during the night doesn't wake you up.

2. I am an awful girl friend....I am doing an awful job making dinner this week!! Any ideas???

3. Kohls opened on Sunday and I still haven't gone!! What is wrong with me???

4. This post stinks! I have nothing positive to share sorry everyone.

5. I have not run all week because I am still trying to adjust to my new meds. I have been asleep atleast by 7:30pm.

Ever been slowed down by meds in your life?


Amanda said...

Miss SB, you are not an awful are still recovering and recouping from last weekend and the adjustment to the meds. I know he understands what's going on is flexible.

Dinner ideas: ham steaks & scallop potatoes, steaks or chicken and eggs &potatoes, BBQ chicken on the grill, shake and bake pork chops, hot dogs and mac and cheese, meatloaf??

The positive for you this week is that you completed a marathon two weekends ago and completed a half marathon last weekend!!

Adam said...


Another thing I have been thinking about making is pulled pork!

Jamie said...

Happens to me too (with the meds)!

Dinner.. sorry. I stink at making dinner!

Hope you're feeling better.