Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tid Bits

1. Scared out of my mind for Sunday. I know I can get through it but nervous I set too high of a goal. I also have a really sore throat and very tired.

2. Brian's Dad is going to run some of the race with me!!! So excited to have someone help me along the way.

3. My dad is not coming to the race. I don't know for sure his reason but I chose this race because it is 30mins from their house and they could see me. Kinda hurt my feelings but we will see if he changes his mind.


Jamie said...

You will do great!
Best of Luck.
I will be with you in spirit.


Remember, one step at a time ;)

fancy nancy said...'re going to rock it!!!!! I would love to run with my father-in-law but he is wicked tall so I would probably be chasing him the whole time! Third...I'm sorry. I hope he changes his mind and comes out to support you.