Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Recap 15miler trail run

Well after an awesome PR run on Saturday i still had a 15mile Hike Run to do on Sunday. The weather was not looking promising either. I woke up to rain rain and more rain. Also calling for thunderstorms. So I threw on capri's and a nice top for rain. Dud, Manda, Adam (our cheerleader and photographer for the day), and I headed the 45min drive to Crystal Lake.

Adam our cheerleader in the rain.

Let me say a few words about Crystal Lake. It is beautiful for a lake in the woods. But once you start getting into the course you say...ahh this is why it says Hike/run.

Hydrating for the race!

Darn Garmin would not find a satellite!!!! GRRRR is the face I am making.

And the race begins!!! Dud and Manda in the green shirts!

This race goes around the lake 3 different ways before heading out into the woods. At mile 4 we head out and at that point everyone is spread out. I was first female by this point and running with 3 other male runners. We stayed together through out but not within talking distance. At times I couldn't see the guy ahead of me due to fog.

I ate chews and Swedish fish starting at mile 3.5. I then had one at 6.5, 9, and 12. I hit a rough spot around mile 9-10 because it was just a steady uphill so it became mostly a hike there. Mile 14 is where you start heading back down the mountain and back to the camp. I made up a lot of time with this chunk of down hill. The last two miles were rough since my legs were still heavy from the race the day before.
I finished with a final time 2:36 the exact time I got last year. So no PR but I did finish as first female.

Me and my plaque and the Reese's PB cup that I walked back to get. They had them at the last water station that was half a mile from the finish. The lake is behind me and It is pouring at this point but you can't tell.

Manda and Dud finished strong! They got lost at one point and I think if this didn't happen they would have gotten the time they had last year!!

Overall, I will do this race again and again. I love trail runs even though most of the time I could talk to myself and curse loudly when I tripped and no one would hear. I did not use music because I love the sound of rain and the peacefulness of the woods!

I have taken my ice bath and done a few things around the house to keep moving. I feel good so far. Now it is time to get some school work done so I can relax on the personal day that I took tomorrow!!!

QOTD: Do you or will you run trail runs? Are you a fan of running in the rain?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Congratulations! This is so cool to read, because I have a trail half next Saturday! I've run trail races before, but never this long so I'm definitely nervous.
Love that you walked back for Reese's...priorities!!