Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Workout: 3.4 28:36/8:25 pace run with Dud. It was beautiful out with a light wind and 77 degrees.

Today was an interesting day. It started off with a lovely visitor outside the door this morning.

Look carefully behind Bun bun's house and you will see the little momma deer. I even started my car and she didn't notice me. I wasn't seen by her until I walked over to check on the bunny. The deer are known to sniff and kick the bunny when she bites them for getting too close. She was hiding out in her house this morning though.

Then it was time for school .....ugh. The end of they year is the craziest time of year for any teacher but for Title I we are responsible for testing every student in the building. I started plugging along last week and I am still working getting Kindergarten done. I am praying that we can get all this testing done around all the end of the year picnics, assemblies, and arts and crafts.

For lunch these past two days I have been trying to change up my salads.

I have been using salsa for a dressing instead of the normal extra extra ranch. It has been delicious. This was yesterday's salad, today I added walnuts and tuna to it. I made it so big I couldn't even finish it all!!

This afternoon I did get a run in with Dud. We ran on a road along one of the creeks and the road was closed at one point because of flooding. The road was still a mess and made it a bumpy run in parts. Another girls was running ahead of us and jumped when she came across a snake. I tried not to laugh because it was just a grass snake (no rattlesnake in that area).

My dilemma for the week is to run the 15miler on Sunday or not. Dud said that it is supposed to be rain on Friday-Sunday. It is all trail and he doesn't want to do it and risk injury. I understand but I love this race and have been training for it. I am hoping we don't get that bad of rain and Dud and Manda still go. I am still debating whether I go without them though :(

Now I am off to finish up my laundry and watch Glee and Biggest Loser.

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