Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the Push Ups Begin!

Workout: 2.36 really easy 21:38. Push Up Challenge Day 1

So after work I checked around and no one else was running so I headed out from the cabin for a VERY easy run. I knew my legs were still hurting from the tough race weekend so I didn't plan on anything far or hard. Though out by our house you can't get away from at least 3 hills in a mile. So I started out and it is all down hill. My shins just felt heavy not painful. I made it to the turn around that I planned and was feeling just OK. Now it was time to head back up the hill (1.2ish miles up) So I took it easy. I was easily distracted by the cars flying down a very narrow wet road. One big pick up (a show off) came around the bend towards me at probably over 55 (speed limit 40) and swerved and almost went on two wheels. If he was doing the speed limit he would not have had to swerve at all. I was about 1/4mile away still. Dumb Bunnies who drive crazy like that on a back road. Heres hoping the cop sitting back at the turn around got him!!

So I made it back to my driveway which it even more uphill I push it up that. Bad idea once I made it to the top the pain set in. My shins are sore lets just say it. No running for me today which was the plan but I need to tell myself they are sore back off.

Instead of anything more pounding on the leg I started my 100 Push Up Challenge. I started at Rank 2 so my reps were:

6 push ups
60 sec rest
6push ups
60 sec rest
8 push ups
60 sec rest
8 push ups
60 sec rest
max of 8 push ups ( I did 8 very slowly!)

Bri watched over as he was working on painting. I did hear once "Get your booty down" but otherwise I think my hands were right this time. I am feeling it in my shoulders and my abs today. I believe I am a breathe holder!

Did you vote last night for IDOL?? Go SCOTTY!!!

Can you run more than one/two days in a row without pain? I am learning I need more rest days the more I increase my miles.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Nice job on the push-ups!
I can run a few days back to back, but it took me a while to build up to that. Definitely not for a while after I started running.