Friday, May 20, 2011

staing, painting and raining

So I left off last night with me in no hurry to get home due to the fact we had no power. Well I should have just headed to someone else house! Just Kidding!! I got home to a thick smell of stain. Bri had start the ceiling beams with no windows open = instant migraine! Yes this is me taking pictures and not helping. But realize he has a very small can and the only can of stain. So my job was move the light where he needed it. Plus I made him some dinner!!

I also starting working on the upstairs (pic to come). I sorted through all the JUNK up there and made a donate pile, garage sale pile?? and dumpster pile.

After Bri ran out of stain we sat down to watch IDOL and eat dinner and realized......
Deceased by lightning strike May 19,2011 therefore no IDOL watching. I called Direct tv and they are SHIPPING (SERIOUSLY) me a new box in the MAIL!! WHAT??!!?? So projected time without TV 2-5 days. OK hello it is the weekend it is going to be 5 days! So 2 people gave me the play by play of IDOL last night while I sat in bed reading my book.

Tonight's plans: Bri is out with the boys so I am going to paint the ceiling upstairs and get it ready to tare apart next week!!!

May my cable box rest in peace.....:(

QOTD: Has anything of yours been struck by lightning?

Well now a few things. At my folks house it was the answering machine, my old apartment the internet modem, now the cable box.

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