Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy day!

Glad to be an American today!

Workout today 6.3 miles 51:55 at a tempo pace trying to do the second half faster. I just made it because I had head wind on the way back

Had some real interesting things said to me by some students. You learn when you are a teacher that kids have NO FILTER.

Comment 1 " I was out for a fever last week and I fell and hurt my back at our cabin. Oh OOPs I mean I had a fever!" Yea so never tell your kid to lie because they will slip up and tell us you were really at your cabin for 4 days!

Comment 2 "My doctor says I have to go on a diet but not because of the bad word because I have asthma" To a 1st grader F-A-T is a swear word!

Ok I don't even know if i should repeat this one but it is a lesson to parents out there that the cute names you come up for private parts....KIDS REPEAT THEM!

Comment 3 "Did you know my pee bug hurts today?" I mean what do you say to that? Now it was coming from a 6yr old boy so the good ole Oh I'm sorry works as you hide your expression!

Now that is what makes a teachers day worth it! our own episode of Kids say the darn-est things!


Heather said...

They don't acquire that filter in middle school or high school either. It is crazy what can come out of their mouths! Nice run today!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Too funny! Kids really do say some funny things, don't they?
GREAT job on your run today!