Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a weekend. I am exhausted! I still have not tried a run but with all that I have been doing I have gotten a workout in via cardio. Yesterday morning I got up bright and squirrely to get some grocery shopping done for the coming week.

To Do list for the week:
remove huge ugly window
take out all walls and closet up stairs
build wall back in around new pretty sliding glass door
install new hardwood floors
install new hardwood walls

So with all that happening I am trying to think of easy grab and go meals or snacks. I loaded this place up with fruit (for everyone but Bri) he gets chips. Then lunch meat, rolls, bread, and cheese, bologna and crackers. I am also making a pulled chicken in the crock pot so whenever you want you can eat it. Then I have to get hamburgers and hot dogs for those who would like something different. After my shopping trip I headed out to Bri's parents to get some work done on the hardwood walls.

Bri's dad sanded the boards as I stained. I forgot saw horses so we did not get much done. I am going back out today at some point and every other day this week. (another reason I am going out there....they have working cable.) Now I can't complain about the shipping of the receiver that came yesterday and I was thrilled. But.....we then found out it isn't the receiver after all. We are pretty sure the cable its self, the satellite, was what got damaged by the lightning. So now they do have to come out here and check it all out. SO more time to get things done and fit tv in later!

After staining the walls we all came back to the cabin to work on sanding all 36 boards for the flooring. That took forever! I couldn't even stand in the garage bc it was a solid wall of dust. Yes in the garage bc it is still wanting to rain!!!! So I was the errand girl for the afternoon. I went and got more sandpaper for the multitool and then picked up pizza and wings for dinner. I was way too tired to figure something out.

I also was getting the ceiling painted upstairs before all of this begins. It takes a lot of arm strength to paint over your head! I got two coats on and it looks loads better!!

Sorry for no pics but it was so crazy I never had my iphone or camera around. I promise more house pics soon!

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