Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Part #1

Friday was a day full moving my feet. We had our school Walk-A-Thon going on all day. It was a perfect day for the walk. Grades K-6 all had two hours to walk at some point during the day. They had to try to walk as many laps as they could in their two hours. I went out at the first two hours with the K, 1, and 6th graders. As soon as I got down there a little 5 year old grabbed my hand and said she was walking with me. Well I tried but I couldn't keep my legs to go slow. So after two laps she said" I NEED A BREAK MY LEG HURTS! " Aww I literally dragged her for two laps. So after that I hustled around the track before I had to be back inside. I got just over 2.5 miles during my 40mins there. I came back down during 2nd and 4th grade times in the afternoon. I got 3 more miles in with some other teachers and enjoyed seeing the 5th graders as they joined us. Some of those kids really changed since last year! So on the walk each station was represented by a different part of the military. I asked why but no one even knows why but it was nice to see. Also a lot of military dads showed up to walk. So overall I got 5.5miles in during the time I walked.

After school I met up with Hey Hey, Manda and Dud for a run. Hey Hey led us on a very nice 5mile run! It is getting warmer out and I am glad! So I totaled at 10.5 miles that day!!!

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Lots of time on your feet on Friday--great job!