Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marathon Training week 2 and 3

Planned Marathon Training Week 2
July 4th- 3miles
July 5th- XT
July 6th- 4miles
July 7th- rest
July 8th 2-3miles easy
July 9th- 5mile trail race + 7miles
July 10th- rest

July 4th- rest
July 5th- 3miles
July 6th- rest
July 7th- 5miles
July 8th-rest
July 9th- 5mile trail race
July 10th- rest
Total Running miles- 13

The Second week of training ended up looking a lot different than my plan. I did not cross train on Tuesday because I had to drive to work. So I ran 3miles instead later in the day. Thursday run with the the family and the goal was 4 but we did just over 5miles. The trail run was much harder than expected so I took a break from the additional miles I wanted to get in. I also did not run it on Sunday because we got our Kitten that Saturday so I spent the day tending to her!

Planned Marathon Training Week 3
July 11th- 3miles
July 12th- XT
July 13th- 4miles
July 14th- rest
July 15th- 3miles
July 16th- race or rest
July 17th- 9miles

July 11th- 9miles
July 12th- 14miles biking
July 13th- 3miles
July 14th-rest
July 15th- 3miles easy
July 16th- 10mile + 5k race
Total running miles- 28miles Biking miles 14

This week ended up being a lot more miles than expected. I tried to do my long run from the week before on Monday and only got 9miles instead of 13. So I did the 13miles on Saturday when I was supposed to do a race and 9miles. I still have a sore throat and a nasty cough. I can run with it but I start coughing annoyingly when I stop running. I will be taking this week again to rest and do more shorter runs. I would like to get a long run in on Saturday on the Canal Path that the Marathon is on. That will be based on whether this cough settles down or not.

I feel like I am on track and have been right on race pace for my long runs! No more racing until the Half Marathon in August! Time to focus on my training and longer runs! Hoping to get more done with the family!

QOTD: Are you in the midst of a training plan? Do you stick right to it or do you let it be flexible?

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jillconyers said...

I'm training for Chicago in Oct. 99% of the time I stick to the plan as far as distance, 4 days of running and cross training. There are occasional times when I have to be flexible as far the days of the week go.

This is the first year I have incorporated regular trail runs into my training plan. Love it but they are difficult when you're more use to road running.

My training for this week
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