Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1 in review

Plan: Actual:
Sunday 8miles 8miles
Monday: 3miles rest
Tuesday XT 14mile Bike 14miles bike
Wednesday 3miles 3miles
Thursday rest 3miles
Friday 4miles 4miles
Saturday rest 12miles

This week was the most miles I have put in for awhile now. It was also the first double digit run since the 15mile run/hike. I felt great on the LR runs this week and actually was getting yelled at by Dud for pushing the pace a few times. I was below my race pace by a little each time. I will keep working in that with every long run!

The goal for today and tomorrow is get hydrated and relax!!

Yesterday Bri and I had a really nice day! After my run I was dying for a was ended up sitting poolside at his friends parents house for the entire afternoon. I finally headed over to Bri's folks and slept for 2hours. I woke up and shoveled food in my tummy real quick and headed to the drive in! We saw Transformers 3 and Super 8. They were both good.....except we got rained on and had to watch from inside the truck.

Now off to have a lazy day with Bri!! We are mattress shopping for the remodeled guest room :)

QOTD: Do you do recovery runs the day after a long run or do you rest?

Do you buy expensive mattresses for a guest room or go with the cheap one?


Nikki said...

Great job on the miles!! I always relax after a long run Usually 2 days. It's my way of celebrating my LR...with a little R&R!!

Tricia said...

great job on week 1!