Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's talk socks...

Workout 3.2 26:40 with hills around the cabin at 5pm post rain

Ok so prior to my little run this evening I was out in the blogosphere and read about someone using smartwool socks to help prevent blisters. Ok so....I have been running since I was in 9th 1996. I have never bought special socks ever. The socks I wear are from the dollar general for goodness sake!

Do the smartwool socks help? Do you wear them in the summer heat too? I have had some pretty nasty blisters these past few long runs and I was just wondering if it was because I wear cheap socks or my shoes were dying on me.

I am hoping to figure this all out before I get to my 18miler in a few weeks. If you share let me know where you get them. Do you go running store or purchase online. I am so pro amazon shopping! I even have their credit card!

Also....Garmin shopping. I have the 201 and would like to update soon. Which do you use. Does anyone have the 405 with the new touch screen? How sweaty is too sweaty to use it?


Zerique said...

no clue about the socks!!! i am like you!!! I wear cheapos all the time and it seems ok.
thanks for stopping by my blog and looking at my jewelry!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wear Feetures and lovvvve them. I definitely am not one to spend a lot of money on socks either and these are pretty reasonable ($10 each maybe?) and it's all I wear now