Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long run with family

15.5miles 2:11mins with Dud, and joined by Hey Hey, Manda and Robyn!

Today I set out at 5:30am to get my long run done. Dud met me at Walmart and we got right on the bike path. At mile 3.4 Manda and Robyn joined us and they planned on doing 9miles. As we continued to run Hey Hey came running towards us. She joined us and planned to do 10miles.

I was still thinking about yesterday's post about fueling. We had dinner out and Dud and Momma's and had a very yummy garden patch pie. BUT.....i did not have my morning potty visit before we started. Thanks goodness for the one and only potty stop at mile 3.4!!! I really don't think I would have made it the rest of the run without that stop.

I was feeling great and not going too nuts about water stops like last weekend. At mile 7.5 i took two Power Bar energy blast gels. I quickly felt the caffeine hit my legs. We got through the next 3 miles so quickly I was like "is that the bridge already??". At 10.5 I took one last gel to get me through the last 5miles. Mister met us at mile 7.5, 10.5, and 12mile markers with water, gatorade, powerade, and swedishfish. It was nice not carrying water with me because we had it everywhere! We also had it at all of our cars so at 3.4/12.5miles, 4/10miles and at the finish. I am very greatful for everyone joining me today on the run. It really helps get through a long run much faster! I did not feel like it dragged on at any point and my pace was faster than expected!

I used this run to participate in the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Half Marathon. See link on the right! I did my 13.1 in 1:52.15 which actually is faster than the 13miles I did with a 5k race as part of it! I am happy to take part in another virtual race and glad to see one that is longer!! Go check out this race you have until August 15th to participate. You also do not have to do all the miles at once!


Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

nice job!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Awesome run! Those Powerbar Gel Blasts are the best! I could eat them as candy :)