Friday, July 8, 2011

I am chopped liver....

when Bri comes home with me. They fight over who holds HIS hand!! Yet they ask him to take them to the potty I still get that duty! He will not do diapers or potty trips!

I am a few days behind in the blog world. I just read 45 blogs!! Now it is time to catch you up on my Thursday! It started off with a 5.3mile run with Hey Hey, Manda and Dud!! We took our time and made a few stops along the way. But it was nice to run with someone!! We have a 5mile trail run tomorrow that I am excited about!!!!

After our run Hey Hey brought all the ingredients for a green monster! None of us have had it before so we were eager to give it a shot! i was pleasantly surprised that I could not taste the spinach! It was delicious!! I will be filling up the fridge today with all that I need to make my own!

After the run Bri and I headed up to my parents to spend the afternoon/evening with the niece and nephew!
Evie's new swing Papa made for her!

Aren't they just precious together!

They even had a party in the tent we got her for Christmas!

Then we headed to the lake to have a picnic dinner and play on the playground!

Henry showing off his muscles!
Bri having them race each other down the slides! Evie won because Henry had to turn around and go backwards.
Watching all the boats out on the lake while climbing the HUGE rocks!

Now I am off to do grown up things like laundry and grocery shopping while Bri is with the BIL helping haul logs out of the woods. I will be back with the Trail Run recap tomorrow!!!


fancy nancy said...

I love green monsters!!! I actually have gotten my daughter into them too!

Julia said...

yayyyyy! i love those smoothies! so glad you enjoyed it!

Nikki said...

My kids prefer their Dad too. At first I felt bad, but now, I embrace it! HA!

I have never tried a trail run. They intimidate me a little. Can't wait to hear how it goes