Friday, July 29, 2011

Pre long run feul

Happy Fitness Friday Bog Hop! Welcome any new readers.

Today is going to be an easy relaxing day for me. I have been at school everyday this week and being that it is summer...I really would like a day without seeing a classroom.

So I have 15miles on the schedule tomorrow and I want to feel good and strong for it. I know I can get through the miles I just want to do it without dying out. Last week I freaked out on my 14miler because I ran out of water with no where to stop. So I got a plan this week for the run. Dud will be joining me (though he does not need to do 15miles for his half marathon training!!) for the full 15miles. Manda will meet up 4-5miles into the run. So I will make sure that there is water at that car. Which we will be seeing again at mile 10. Then Hey Hey and Robyn will be joining us around mile 5-6. So we can have water/Gatorade at their car for mile 8-9 too!

Yea it is going to be a nice flat loop all on bike path. I am really getting myself ready for running on a small path versus road.

Now for what to eat and drink today. It isn't too hot so I don't think I need to over drink today. But I will have my water with me at all times. I also get a little goofy and not allow myself to drink sodas the day prior to a long run or race. Anyone else?

Now I am already not doing good with the eating. It is almost 10am and I haven't eaten breakfast. Bri is even still asleep!! Maybe pancakes?? Do you eat more carbs the day before or do you try to balance it out with protein and carbs and fiber?

Let me know what you think about fueling for long runs.


renkath said...

I am a novice runner and will be doing my first marathon in September. Right now, on my long runs, I just make sure I eat a good breakfast (Greek yogurt, chia seeds, bilberries and coffee) before I head out - and I bring gels. I hate them, but they make a huge difference. I am looking forward to checking back to see what kind of tips people have.

Sarah Fitness said...

Have a great long run tomorrow!

Right now I'm only working on the half distance, so my long run is at 8 miles. I just make sure I have enough water and gels- I take a gel at 4 miles.

I'm a fellow "Sarah" stopping by from the Fitness Friday Blog Hop. Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

I try to eat light before a long run and have my usual breakfast after. Usually a banana w/ pb before or sometimes toast with pb.

I do a Cliff Shot chew or something about every 4 miles and usually bring 4 8oz. bottles of Nuun for long runs, too.

I'm still figuring it all out, training for my first 1/2, too. It's such a challenge to figure out what works.

Found you from Fitness Friday - Hi!

Courtney said...

I am just now starting my official training for my first half. I am not really into any real long runs at all but it seems awesome you have such a good group of runners! my long runs will be done on a trail that has water up and now it so that is nice!

good luck on your half and your full, that is awesome!

(coming over from fitness friday!)


Amy said...

I think that if I eat a good light breakfast to begin with - long runs are much easier.

Good luck and have fun!

jillconyers said...

Great plan for your long run.

Yes. I increase carb intake the day before and the morning of a long run or race. I've read so many different schools of thought and after trying a variety of scenarios I'm doing what works and have been able to avoid hitting the wall. What and when I eat for a long run is routine. Pasta the night before and a whole wheat bagel with almond butter the morning of.

Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!