Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marathon Training week 4 and Potter

This week ended up being lighter than I planned but my legs needed the rest. The heat also played a huge role and if I didn't feel completely hydrated I didn't push it.


Monday 3miles
Tuesday XT bike
Wednesday 3miles
Thursday rest
Friday 3miles
Saturday 14miles


Monday 3miles
Tuesday rest (VERY HOT)
Wednesday 6miles
Thursday rest
Friday 12miles
Saturday rest
Sunday....might still jump on the treadmill

Even though what I actually did looks completely different then the plan I am happy with the miles I got done. This week I am going to do a few more longer runs during the week and then a 15miler on the bike path on Saturday. Hoping maybe I can plan it out that some of the family can join me for bits of it. Tomorrow I hope to be on the road by 5:30ish to get in 6-7miles. I really don't want to be too hot like Friday.

Finally saw Harry Potter last night and it was...."SWEEEEEET"!! Is it sad that I knew certain sad things were going to happen because I read the books but I still got teared up??!!! LOL yea I giggled at myself but it was so well done! I am so willing to go back and watch it again and again! I also will be watching Amazon in a month or two to watch for the pre-order of it on DVD!!

I am addicted!!!

Now the count down to the next Twilight movie in November begins!

QOTD: Did you see Potter? Read the books prior or just watch the movies?

I am a reading teacher so yea....I read all the books 5 times each at least! I have reread them right before the movie has came out too. I also have had a harry potter marathon with the movies before the next movie came out!

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