Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marathon Training week 5!

WhooHoo almost there 49days to go!

This week I up'd the mileage a bit. I ran with Heather for 2 long runs and enjoyed having someone to run with.

July 25th -3miles
July 26th- XT
July 27th 4miles
July 28th-rest
July 29th- 4miles
July 30th- 15miles

Tuesday- rest
Friday rest
Saturday 15.5miles

Due to the 9miles on Monday that was lots of hills I chose not to do the 4mile runs and take two rest days this week. My next long run backs down to 10miles so I might try to join the family on their run this time! i feel real good about my training so far. Heather and I talked a lot about our pace as we ran Saturday. I did notice quickly that when I took the energy gels I got a spurt of energy. We talked about having to hold back and not use it all up right away. This is why I love running with others. They help me notice things like my form (arms and legs), hydration and why to take a gel.

I was also able to hold a good pace for most of my long run. I am REALLY hoping for cooler weather for the marathon because my pace is a heck of a lot better on my long runs at 6am than my shorter runs at 3pm.

Looking forward to week 6 and hoping I do get my behind up early to do my 3-4mile runs.

Make sure you check out the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Marathon link on the right! It is a great way to add miles to your week!

QOTD: Still shopping for a new garmin...which do you use? I have the 201 so I really need to update!!

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Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

great week!

Did you see the amazon's gold box deal is a 405 today?? Great price!